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?Big Day? on ABC ended too soon...

I knew almost immediately this show would never come back next season. Some shows you can just tell right from the first episode.

But I watched anyways and really enjoyed the series. Until the end - which wasn’t shown. Thanks, ABC.

Granted, it was a miracle the show wasn’t cancelled after three or four episodes. The ratings were anemic - it would have made sense.

But to stick by a show to the end, then at the last minute pull the final episode is just crazy.

The one-hour finale (episodes 12 & 13) was scheduled for last night. Earlier this week, ABC decided to ditch episode 13 and instead run an episode of “Knights Of Prosperity” - a show that’s also doing disastrous in the ratings and has already been asked to stop production.

Maybe the producers of “Big Day” are planning a DVD release of the series and the major selling point will be that one unaired episode. Or maybe ABC gets a tax write-off if they cancel a series and don’t air all the episodes. Or maybe ABC wants people to visit their website to see the final episode (if they end up streaming it there).

Whatever the reason, it’s annoying. If you were the other person watching this show and want to know what happens in that final episode, click here for a brief description from

01/31/2007 9:06AM
“Big Day” on ABC ended too soon...
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