The Better Half Of The Bills - Tara Sanborn

There are sooo many sides of Tara Sanborn wife of Bills LS Garrison Sanborn. If you remember last year on The Better Half Of The Bills she announced she was pregnant and now their baby girl is 7 months old! We also had no idea that Tara is a Speech Pathologist (maybe she can help Rob out!) Check out the interview

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Hey! A "Rob Lucas No Voice Social Media Tour Update" Short And Sweet!

If you follow me on Twitter, @roblucas2, you saw a pretty excited tweet from me about waking up with MY REAL VOICE on Monday. Absolutely true, and so happy for it to happen. But keep in mind, the big progress will be when my voice stays intact
for at least a few hours, and then all day. And from there we can work on getting it broadcast ready. It's one thing to talk normally for a short period of time. But to get it to project and last for 4 hours on-air, is another matter. That's what we're striving for.

I've done a pretty good job staying quiet…which is very tough now that I'm seeing progress. It's only natural to see how far you can push it, but you don't want to undo anything that the vocal rest has helped. So laying low for a few more days is job #1. Big medical appt on Thursday…wanna make sure that I'm as good as I can be for the specialists. Thanks for your thoughts and support.

Great quote relayed from one of my wife's friends:

"Everyone wants a magic bullet, but not everyone believes in magic."

I do. How 'bout you?

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Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?

There's a company that sells giant stuffed plush versions of various microbial organisms - among them, the Ebola virus, which they call "the T. Rex of microbes."

And guess what?

With so much talk about Ebola these days - and by "talk," I mean "panic" - the entire stock of Ebola toys has sold out.

That includes the small Ebola doll ($9.95), the gigantic Ebola doll ($29.95) and the Ebola Petri Dish ($14.95).

Yup, that's exactly what we want our kids playing with these days, isn't it?

The video below was made about three years ago - but check it out anyway.

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Your Name is Neil Diamond...

Neil Diamond's kicking off a new concernt tour, and he's started on the talk show circuit.

He popped into The Tonight Show to chat with Jimmy Fallon about his legendary career - he's a member of both the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, you know.

But the conversation turned to his name. "Neil Diamond" is his real name, but early on in the business, he thought about changing it.

Listen to the conversation for the full story.

Then play it again, but mute the video, and tell me if this guy isn't looking a little bit like Sean Connery these days.

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Kooking with Kardashian?

Kris Jenner - aka Mama Kardashian - showed up on The Today Show yesterday, hawking her new kookbook.

Because when you think of kuisine, your mind instantly goes to "Kardashian," am I right?

In her defense, she says she's been feeding her khildren since she had Kourtney when Kris was just 22. "They give you a baby, you've gotta feed it."

If that doesn't get her some sort of Mom of the Year award - well, it will just be a travesty.


Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Breaking Bad Action

A mom in Florida has started a petition to get the Toys ‘R’ Us chain to take Breaking Bad action figures off their shelves.

The mom doesn’t like the message that the figures send, saying that kids mimic what their action figures do.

The Walter White doll, for instance, comes complete with bags of cash and methamphetamine.

The mom admits that she liked the series – even found it riveting – but she wants the figures out of Toys ‘R’ Us

Bryan Cranston, who played Walter in the series, had an interesting take on the whole thing, with a fun tweet yesterday.
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Man on a Leash?

Jada Pinkett Smith showed up to audition for the role of Fish Mooney on Fox’s Gotham with a man on a leash.

Her character is a shady club owner in Gotham who has relationships with a lot of underworld characters – and maybe a less than honorable relationship with some of Gotham’s finest as well.

Last weekend, she told folks at the PaleyFest that she wanted to show the producers that she understood her character. So instead of talking about Fish Mooney, she decided to show them.

She showed up in a short wig and a long flowing gown with a shirtless man on a leash.

She says she went “method.” The dude on the leash went “canine,” I guess.

She also has a strong presence on Twitter, keeping in touch with her fans by tweeting.

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Slogans Can Hurt

Ellen Degeneres is all over the Red Bull class action lawsuit.

You'll recall that the makers of the energy drink settled their case recently, offering a $13 million payout to consumers who may have been duped into believing that Red Bull gives you wings.

On yesterday's Ellen, viewers got to meet a man who believes most slogans, and is suing everyone from Nike to Exxon to Ellen herself.

Check it out.

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Rob Lucas No Voice Social Media Tour - Update!

I really didn't have a lot to report in this latest Rob Lucas No Voice Social Media Tour update…until Sunday morning. The past few days have been nothing special for voice recovery…two steps forward, one step back. Glimmers of progress between long periods of silence, and a voice that sounded only slightly better than a week ago.

But on Sunday morning, I spoke a clear sentence, actually a few sentences, with very little rasp, and total clarity. It wasn't close to my voice, but it was a communicable voice, that wasn't breathy or forced. It had bottom and more depth. Pretty incredible! I was so excited to have some bottom end and not get out of breath while saying things, that I started to blurt out the bass line of Marky Mark's "Good Vibrations". You know…bumb bumb BUMB bumb, bumb bumb BUMB BUMB! Did it about 3x till my wife correctly told me to shut up and let my larynx heal more! And then it was back to silence, with a few blurbs here and there. And yes, I know doing the Marky Mark thing is something Phil on Modern Family would do. Most days seems like I'm either pulling a "Phil" or a "Sheldon" (Big Bang Theory). So that was the highlight of the weekend…along with discovering that I like receiving Reflexology, which I think has really helped with my weekend improvement.

My wife is working towards her Reflexology certification, along with continuing her studies for massage therapy, and practicing and teaching Reiki (she is a Reiki Master).
While she was performing reflexology on my feet, which I found TOTALLY relaxing (which is odd for me, I can't lay still for more than 10 minutes), everything was great 'til she got to the gap between my first toe and big toe. Incredibly painful…sensitive to the touch around the base and inside of my big toe, which in reflexology is officially called the "GREAT TOE." "Interesting," she said regarding my pain in that area. "That's where your throat/neck area is on your feet. All connected to where you are in pain."

Pretty amazing…she didn't say anything beforehand about how she would be working on my feet or why. So she continued to really work on the bad areas leading to my throat/larynx.
About an hour after the reflexology session, I spoke an incredibly clear and unforced response to something she asked. I don't think it was a coincidence, especially because since then she has been performing min-reflexology sessions on my pain areas, and each time there has been noticeable improvement, even if just for a short period. Pretty cool!

More thoughts since the last time I checked in:

The Good:

Being able to project…to be heard in another room, or downstairs to upstairs. Not doing it much, but it's nice when it happens without force.

Knowing that after such a long period of no change, things are getting better. My sneezes are even starting to sound more normal…more human like, not like they are taxing my throat, or a cat sneeze, which they were.

The Bad

Not being able to leave the house without a pile of post it notes and a pen. Try doing research on cellphones and data plans without speaking…only writing short notes to the salesperson. It can be done…but very clunky.

Not having CONSISTANT vocal recovery. Sounding better in the morning in no way means you will sound as good in the afternoon…even after not speaking all day. I still just wanna hope that someone will throw a switch while I'm sleeping, and I'll wake up all good to go. But it just doesn't happen that way.

If you care at all about what you do for a living, every day you're away from work makes you feel a little less like a part of the team. I've heard so many athletes say the exact same thing…being injured and just standing around watching is the worst. I can identify. You feel awful not being able to contribute. But I do feel better about it after getting some much support from everyone last week.

The Ugly:

Even though we've had some progress, and I know there is a whole lot worse that I could be going through, it's still very disconcerting to not know just when my voice will be radio-quality, and how close to my "real voice" it will be.

On tap this week, more silence and vocal rest, with a major follow-up with the Ear Nose and Throat specialists on Thursday, which will probably show if there is a need for a further look at my larynx through a Videostroboscopy. Sounds appetizing. Let's hope we make progress BIG TIME between now and then.
Talk soon. Get it????

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It’s Local Restaurant week!

Hundreds of local restaurants are participating in Local Restaurant Week. Most restaurants are offering meals for $20.14 and up! Check out the list of participating restaurants here. They've even got a great promo jingle "I'm So Hungry"

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