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Rob Lucas Top 40 Fav Christmas Songs Ever - Nos. 20--1!

Monday, we counted up from 40 to 21
on the RLITM Favorite Christmas song list. Hope you enjoyed my take on various songs, and totally understand if your list had little in common with mine. As I wrote on Monday, nothing is more polarizing than Christmas music. That said...let's go from 20 to 1. What song do you think it should be? No fair cutting to the end!

20. Last Christmas – Lea Michelle, Cast of Glee
Great production, great vocals. A Christmas version of the best of Glee.
One of the best new Christmas songs of the past 5 years.

19. Angels – Jim Brickman
From his "The Gift" album. Amazing instrumental take on
Angels We Have Heard On High. Soft start, powerful ending. Unique.

18. Hallelujah Chorus – Boston Pops
Always have to crank this up! The bombast of the holiday filled with the
majesty of Handel's "The Messiah". Glorious!

17. All I Want For Christmas – Mariah Carey
One of the best contemporary Christmas songs ever.
Brought back the Phil Spector sound, and challenged other artists to create new holiday songs.

16. I Can't Wait For Christmas – Mindi Abair
The definition of Christmas cool and sexy with cocktails by the fire.

15. Holly Jolly Christmas -- Michael Buble
I LOVE Buble's TV Christmas specials. Campy and simply written the way the old
Andy Williams specials used to be. This version of Holly Jolly keeps up with the original

14. Santa Claus Is Back In Town – Elvis Presley
Elvis's sneer jus before the piano solo…priceless.
You feel the raw energy of a live to tape studio performance

13. Christmas In The Sand – Colbie Caillat
It's rare when a modern, non-traditional holidays songs cuts through
and fits nicely between classics. This one does. Sunshine in the dark of Winter!

12. (Christmas) Baby Please Come Home – U2
Recorded at a soundcheck during their 1987 tour, quite possibly the best rock Christmas song since
Springsteen's "Santa Claus" (see #30) at C.W. Post in the 70's.
A standout from the first Very Special Christmas CD (the red one!)

11. The Prayer – Andrea Bocelli & Celine Dion
Angelic. Can I hear this ll year? Makes time stand still.

10. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing – Peanuts
It's not Christmas till you hear this at the end of "A Charlie Brown Christmas"

9. Soldier's Silent Night – Father Ted Berndt
Can't stop crying. Can't turn it off. Greatest writing ever.

8. Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer – Dean Martin
"Rudy, the red beaked reindeer" as only Dean can sing it.
"Making Spirits Bright" is a must-have Christmas album

7. Sleigh Ride – Johnny Mathis
Personal feelings for this song since Johnny was one of my favorite interviews ever.
He told great stories about recording this album in a sweaty New York studio
during the Summer of 1958. Percy Faith conducted, Mitch Miller produced.
Can't get any bigger than that.

6. Jingle Bells – Sammy Davis Jr.
Lots of versions of this song…but none like Sammy's. Santa Claus meets the Vegas Strip.
Gotta sing along when he yells "Everybody!"

5. It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year – Andy Williams
Holiday smiles all around. Uptempo, and everyone loves it.
An original that will be a smash if released today!

4. Silent Night – Any Traditional Version
Growing up, always had a soft spot for the slow, traditional version of this hymn.
It was played during a Christmas church service my wife and I were attending, and when I looked over,
she was crying. Afterward, she said "Silent Night" always makes her cry. Me too.

3. Christmas Canon – Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Another one that makes time stop. Majestic. Perfectly produced.

2. (Christmas) Baby Please Come Home – Darlene Love
Classic and iconic, from the opening bass line to the Wall of Sound buildup to the opening lyrics.
Could have easily placed this at #1.

1. Happy Holiday – Andy Williams
I didn't realize how perfect this song was till one of my Producer's pointed it out a few years ago.
Easy to sing along with... "He'll be coming down the chimney, down" deliciously 1960's produced pop!
How can you not put a song containing "whoop-de-do and hickory dock" in at #1?
The quintessential song for a downtown tree lighting with thousands, or your home gathering!

Got some thoughts on my choices? Leave 'em below!

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Most Ridiculous Man of the Year

Here's a late-comer for the Most Ridiculous Man of the Year award.

A professional makeup artist in Manchester, England has reportedly spent about $150,000 for plastic surgery and more to look like his favorite reality TV star.

The star?

Kim Kardashian.

He's had lip fillers, laser hair removal and eyebrows tatooed on.

Take a look at the picture to see the results. And no, it is NOT Halloween. And he doesn't care what he looks like, according to The Sun, London's daily newspaper. "My look is all about the shock factor. I love all the attention and stares I get in the street. I welcome the hate — it just means more attention. And if anything, it just spurs me on to get more work done."

Good money chasing bad, folks. Especially since the guy looks more like the Octomom than the NorthWestmom.
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Wrapping Up a Holiday Tradition

Darlene Love came to fame with the 1960s classic, "He's a Rebel."

But for close the three decades now, she's earned even more fame from her annual appearance on David Letterman's last show before Christmas to sing "Christmas" - aka "Baby Please Come Home."

She'll sing it one last time tonight, on Letterman's final show-before-Christmas. This time next year, Stephen Colbert will be sitting in Letterman's seat.

To get everyone in the mood, the folks at CBS put together a compilation of Darlene's appearances, blending them all together in one pretty spectacular rendition.

Enjoy - and be sure to set your DVR for tonight's performance...

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It's the Most Wonderful Prank of the Year

Jimmy Kimmel and his wife have a holiday tradition - well, sort of a tradition - with acting couple John Krasinski (from The Office) and Emily Blunt (most recently from Into The Woods).

They live across the street from one another, and for Christmas, they play pranks on each other.

This has been going on for a couple of years, and each year, the pranks get bigger and more out of control.

Watch the clip to see what Jimmy did to them last year - the thing he thought would bring the prank-feud to a conclusion.

And then watch to see watch Emily and John did to raise the bar considerably higher this year.

Nice to have that kind of money to throw away, but it is sort of fun to watch.

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Please Define "Top"

Scratching my head just a little.

US Magazine put out a list yesterday of the Top 14 Celebrity Instagram Photos of 2014.
Six of the 14 involve the Kardashians in some way - by that calculation, they're taking up 43% of the internet, which sounds right and wrong all at the same time.

The rest of the list:
  • Jessica Simpson in a bathing suit holding a golf club
  • Macauley Culkin wearing a T-shirt with Ryan Gosling on it
  • Jessa Duggar's wedding kiss
  • Taylor Swift's 4th of July party
  • Nick & Vanessa Lachey's pregnancy announcement
  • Lauren Conrad's haircut
  • Bethenny Frankel wearing her 4-year-old's Hello Kitty PJs
The only one that really belongs - or at least makes some sense in being relevant - is the post Diem Brown's boyfriend put up after her passing, expressing his grief.

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"Governor, This Is Barack Obama..."

What a fun moment.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick made his final appearance on Boston Public Radio yesterday, and got a very interesting phone call as part of his farewell.

President Barack Obama called in, identifying himself as a former resident of Somerville, a suburb of Boston.

The president spent some time in the state while a student at Harvard, and he's got a good relationship with the outgoing governor.

So why not call in?

Watch the video of the call. Seems legit to me.

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Happy Holidays: Sheriff Santa

There's a guy in Missouri who gives away about $100,000 a year in $100 bills to random strangers.

This holiday season, he got a little bit of help - from the Jackson County Sheriff's Department in Kansas City.

The officers were handed a small pile of Benjamin Franklins and sent out on the street to help those who needed help.

What a terrific, feel-good story...

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New Music - Untrap Yourself by Eskobar...

Keane was always one of my favorite groups - love the big "12 things happening at once" sound so many of their songs had. OK Go is similar. And here's another - Eskobar.

They've been around since the 90's. This is their latest song - can't wait to hear the rest of the album coming soon...

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Still Don't Know What To Get Your Kids For Christmas? setup this neat interactive map of the most popular gifts in each state. Video games are number one in most states. Legos, Barbie and Furby made the list too!

Photo Credit: mike_fleming via Flickr
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Happy Holidays: The Christmas Spirit

Not everyone's ready for the holiday, right?

Seems like it rushes up on you sometimes. Or maybe you're just not ready for it.

Sometimes, you need a little push.

Like Chris, who gets a visit and a sizeable nudge from a Jolly Old Elf.

A fun short film to get you in the spirit...

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