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Halloween in Hollywood

Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan just keep outdoing themselves every Halloween on LIVE!  Each year they dress up using themes from some of the hot topics from the past year.  Orange Is The New Black, Walking Dead and Downton Abbey were just a few of their transformations this year.

You can find all of the videos here and some of the images below. 

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Spooky Feel Good Friday Video - Michael Jackson "Thriller"

Easily one of the most iconic Halloween themed videos of all time!  According to and Nielsen “it’s the most downloaded Halloween-themed hit of all time”! Check out The Top 10 Halloween Songs from

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Live From 30 Rock!

It's The Today Show's annual tradition - Halloween dress up day!  And they did it true SNL style.  Which skit do you think won for best dressed?  Spartan Cheerleaders, Mary Katherine Gallagher, Wayne & Garth, Blues Brothers, Pat or Mom's Jeans?

Happy Halloween!


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Rob Lucas No Voice Social Media Tour -- Halloween Update!

It’s looking pretty good that Monday morning we’ll fire this thing up and hear how it goes.  I do know this, it will be much better than the last time you heard me, Oct 9th.  At the same time I know it won’t be perfect,
or as Producer Jimmy says "restaurant quality."   It will likely sound like me, but with a very bad cold.  But there are things I can do to compensate, without being painful to listen to.  Like talking a little/lot less.  I’m sure you’re in favor of that!

My latest BIG appointment, a more intense Videostroboscopy, was not the slam dunk that I had hoped.  The latest conclusion from the Ear, Nose and Throat specialists is that my throat was attacked by a virus (we knew that), but one which they likened to Bells Palsy, only instead of making my face droop, it messed with my left vocal fold (Wikipedia it for a diagram).  Which means it doesn’t work in tandem with the right, giving me a bad rasp.   But it is doing so much better than it was a month ago, as I hope you will hear.  The left is not closing properly, but there is now only a slit for an opening, where it was probably much worse when it happened.  And being on the air did not make it worse…it was happening anyway, even if I had been doing something completely different. So it's on the mend, and I'm trying to do things to help it along.

If I have any success at sounding like myself on Monday, it is very much due to Karen Bunce, my Speech Therapist at Buffalo Therapy Services on Flint Rd across from the Marriott.  In just 3 sessions, she has given me hope that I can be back to normal in due time.  From day one of her teaching me lip trills, breathing exercises, tongue stretches, and laryngeal massages, to someone wanting to speak, she has been nothing less than an angel.  Except when she shoves her finger on the back of my tongue to massage the hot points.  Sounds disgusting, I know, but when your tongue has receded into the throat to protect the  damaged vocal fold, you gotta do some odd things to get it loosened.

If you have ANY need for a speech therapist, they can help with so many things from constant sore throats, to helping you perform better when addressing crowds, Karen Bunce is the FIRST person I would try to see.  Soooo worth the co-pay!   As I write this, in 3 sessions over 6 days, she has taken me from not speaking at all to sounding, well, like you will hear on Monday.  Which at times could really be pretty good.  And when it’s not, she’ll be texting me saying “Breath from your diaphragm…slow down a bit…and do your lip trills to center your voice next time, Bozo!”  She has permission to call me that.  

I’ll try to explain as much as I can on Monday, without junking up the morning w medical talk.  I’d much rather play music, and give away cool concert tix.  Talk then…would love to hear from you on The Star Lines Monday…have 644-1025 in your contacts!  Oh...American Authors will be joining us in studio a little after 12 Noon!  #CantWait!


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Too Much Wine on Your Hands?

The wine critic for The New York Times clearly has too much time on his hands.

In his column this week, Eric Asimov took the time to point out that Kerry Washington - who plays Olivia Pope on Scandal - is drinking her wine all wrong.

His critique: "She habitually grabs goblets by the bulb rather than the stem, as a wine lover would. She never swirls and sniffs, the ritual that non-wine drinkers alternately find amusing, affected, or annoying. She guzzles rather than sips."

Someone needs to tell this guy...

(1) Olivia's a fictional character.
(2) It's probably cranberry or pomegranate juice she's sipping.
(3) He should get a life.

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Peter Pan's Clock is Ticking

NBC's live production of Peter Pan is just over a month away - premiering on December 4 - so the PR machine is starting to rev up.

Yesterday, The Today Show played host to the new Peter - Alison Williams - and a couple of former Peters - Sandy Duncan and Cathy Rigby.

It's always nice when the future meets the past. And this meeting was pretty cool.

And the first promo has been released too - check it out.

Does Christopher Walken fit the bill as Captain Hook?
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Hey, Nice Gourds!

It's Halloween, and that means it's pumpkin-carving time.

Some people just cut triangles out of the pumpkin, scoop out the seeds, toss in a candle, and boom! It's jack o'lantern time.

Not this young lady. Not sure who she is, but it looks like she submitted her photo to The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Take a large pumpkin. Cut it in half. Cut out holes for your legs in the bottom half..

Carve out the top, and put it aside.

Cut a couple of holes out of the top half of the pumpkin. String those pieces together with candy corn.

Put the whole thing on, and you've got a pumpkini
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Earning a Black Bear Belt

A video posted to YouTube a couple of weeks ago is going viral these days.

Two black bears, taking to the streets of Rockaway, New Jersey and duking it out.

The fight starts in someone's front yard, then rolls into the street.

Check out the video - but if you're prone to motion-sickness, you might want to pop a dramamine first.

See if you agree that the bears sound a little bit like the Three Stooges when they're actually fighting...

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Pee Wee's Back

Pee Wee Herman's coming back.

Actor Paul Reubens was on The Tonight Show the other night, and let it "leak" that there's a new Pee Wee movie on the way.

Judd Apatow is producing, and an as-yet unnamed director

That's going to make a lot of Pee Wee maniacs happy.

But here's something that made me happier. Paul Reubens as Pee Wee Herman doing the voiceover for the new Avengers movie trailer.

Check it out!

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Whatcha Up to These Days, Jerry?

Jerry Seinfeld is probably one of the best-known comedians on the planet these days.

Certainly in the Top Ten.

So what's he been up to lately?

From the looks of this promo, he's been busy taping his web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

He picks up a comedian in a classic car, and they zoom off to have coffee and chat.

Fun concept, fun results. And the new season starts November 6.

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