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Star 102.5 Welcomes Mat Kearney To The Town Ballroom!

You've seen him rule at Starry Night In The Garden (2x!) and now Mat Kearney hits The Town Ballroom Saturday October 24th, with special guest Parachute!

Tickets on sale NOW ($24.00 advance / $26.00 day of) at and Town Ballroom box office!
Box office is open Monday-Friday 12-5pm. Call to charge by phone 1.877.987.6487
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Top 10 U.S. Pizza Cities. How is Buffalo NOT on this list?

TripAdvisor traveled around the U.S. taste testing for which city has the best slice of pizza! How do Orlando and Vegas make the list, while Buffalo is nowhere?  It's not because of size...New Haven made it! 
Not sure we can totally agree on this list...

Photo Credit: bhumann34 via Pixabay

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Sad Puppy Story: Demi Lovato Devastated After Tragic Loss

Demi Lovato is mourning the loss of her dog, Buddy, she got just this past Christmas.
TMZ reported that Buddy was killed by a coyote that was roaming her backyard.  Very sad but it's common for this to happen in the hills of Hollywood.

Photo Credit: NeonTommy via Flickr

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New Music - You Just Want My Money by Jason French...

Not exactly new, as the song's been out since late last year.  But it might finally be on it's way to being a hit.  Love the video too...

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YouTube Hints That You'll Love

Tired of annoying annotations, and waiting for vids to load? Check out USA Today's 5 Hidden YouTube Secrets You Should Try.  And get more out of your tube' time!

Photo Credit: geralt via Pixabay
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Watch It Now: Jimmy Fallon's Lip Sync Battle With Tom Cruise

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Little Big Town Cancels EC Fair Show... So We'll Send You To Boston!

Read the official announcement from Little Big Town's websiteDon't worry we'll still be sending you to see them in Boston! Keep listening to win another STAR Flyaway!
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"Pixels" Flops, And Sandler Gets Skewered From NYC To Hollywood!

We've been saying forever how Adam Sandler is box office poison, but keeps getting project funding because he's so likable and great in interviews.  But it appears that's coming to an end.  PIXELS cost $110 Million to produce, and only took in $24 Million this weekend. 

And the national press is now calling Sandler out.  
NYPost writer Louisa Pisani has posted a brutally good read, saying Sandler should retire and that "The ‘frat boy’ humor that made him his millions has had its day."  

Photo Credit: lovamis2 via Flickr

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Feel Good Friday Video: Demi Lovato - Cool For The Summer

USA Today is spot on with this list of
The 10 Best Moments in Demi's New 'Cool For The Summer' Video!

Photo Credit: trendyjend via Flickr

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RLITM Must Read: Dogs Saved By A Hug And A Pic!

Pooches Kala and Keira were in a Georgia shelter a few hours before they were scheduled to be put down, until their picture went viral Monday.  They were spared after several people volunteered to give them a foster home.
The NY Daily News has the story and heartbreaking picture of the two stray dogs that were scheduled to be put down a few days after arriving at the shelter.

Kala, an 8-month old hound mix, is seen on her hind legs with her front legs wrapped around the neck of Keira, a 1-year old boxer mix. The two are looking through bars, that look like a prison cell, with disturbingly sad expressions on their face.  You can't help but think they KNEW what was going on.  It's a must read that will make you wanna spend extra time with your pet today.

BTW, the Erie County SPCA has not put down a healthy dog in about 8 years.  That's why they are one of the nations leading "no kill" shelters.

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