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Posts from October 2015

OMG! Halloween Mega Blog!

Everything you need to know about Halloween!

9 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Pull Off In Less Than One Hour

17 Perfect Movies To Watch On Halloween When You're So Into Staying In

10 Most Haunted Cities in America For Trick-or-Treating

11 Ways To Use Leftover Halloween Candies

11 Spooky Facts Most People Don't Know About Halloween

12 Halloween Meal Deals & Freebies That Might Be Better Than The Candy

Photo Credit: B3R3N1C3 via Pixabay

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Watch It Now: Presidential Thriller & EPIC Halloween Light Shows!

Photo Credit: cocoparisienne via pixabay
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Last Minute Costumes For Sports Fans?

Time to put that foam finger to use! Huffington Post has a list of AWESOME ideas and easy to put together sports themed costumes!

Photo Credit: ptrabattoni via Pixabay

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Twitter Fun - Halloween Drinking Game Suggestions

Check out Twitter for some fun suggestions on making Halloween more bearable for adults.

Just search "Halloween drinking game," and see what you get.

It looks like a lot of them center on kids dressed as Elsa... I wonder why?
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Just in Time for Halloween - The World's First Horror Museum

Some folks in Estes Park, Colorado have a plan for what they're calling the world's first horror museum.

They're talking about 43,000 square feet - an interactive museum and discovery center, a sound stage, classrooms, workshop spaces, a film production studio, and more.

And where would this be found?

In the Stanley Hotel - perhaps best-known as the snowbound hotel in Stephen King's classic novel, "The Shining," and the film version of it.

What better place? Think we can get Jack Nicholson there for the grand opening?
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"I Was Once Young And Beautiful Too"

The Onion is simply wonderful at creating very believable parody pieces.

This one from Wednesday could be one of their best.

The words of outgoing Speaker of the House, John Boehner, to his likely (and now certain) successor, Paul Ryan.

Perfectly written, from the point-of-view of formerly popular suitor beaten down by age, and tossed to the curb by just about everybody.

Nicely played, Onion, nicely played!
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Something Really Scary for Halloween

You'll think this is a joke, but it's not.

Instead, it's scarily serious.

You'll remember Valeria Lukyanova, the Human Barbie.

She's spent a lot of time and money trying to look like a life-size Barbie doll.

And as if that's not annoying enough, now she's working on a recording career.

She released her firrst tune, "Jack Your Barbie," on Sound Cloud.

She says she's got other songs, and some of them will be sung in an "ancient forgotten language."

Which could be gibberish. I'll bet it is.
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Jeff Gordon: Super Nice!

Seems like Jeff Gordon's one of the good guys in the NASCAR world.

Earlier this year, he met one of his most devoted fans, Loraine, at Sonoma Raceway as part of the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience.

In their meeting, Jeff learned that Loraine had owned a 2003 Jeff Gordon Monte Carlo SS. Unfortunately, the car was destroyed in a fire.

This week, Jeff met Loraine again - and handed her the keys to his personal 2003 Jeff Gordon Monte Carlo SS.

Pristine condition, as he stated, and about 100 miles on it.

What a nice thing to do...

If only we'd been able to get the guy with the cellphone to turn it the other way!
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Grand Canyon North

Hunters in Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains noted a change in the terrain over last weekend.

Locals are calling it The Gash. Some are calling it a mini Grand Canyon.

It's about 750 yards long and 50 yards wide.

Photographer Randy Becker shared some photos of the phenomenon, and called The Gash “an awesome example of how our earth is not as stable as you might think. Awesome forces at work here to move this much dirt!!”

This giant crack in the earth appeared in the last two weeks on a ranch we hunt in the Bighorn Mountains. Everyone here is calling it “the gash”. It’s a really incredible

Posted by SNS Outfitter & Guides on Friday, October 23, 2015
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New Music - One Love by Marianas Trench...

A promising start for their new album Astoria!  Loved both singles from their last album - based on this, pretty sure that'll be a repeat here...

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