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Summer Guide to Camping with Kids

Fourth of July weekend is the perfect time to take the family out camping!  But, it can be overwhelming to pack up the kids and all of their stuff just for a weekend in the woods.  Real Simple has your 9 Step Guide to Camping with Kids which offers tips on making camping food prep easy to packing glow sticks for your family to light up the night with!

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Feel Good Friday Video: New Christina Perri - Burning Gold

Pure Girl Power!  Awesome!  RLITM says this will be a HUGE hit...reminds us, in a good way, of Sara Bareilles' Brave..

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New Music - Necessary Evil by Nikki Yanofsky...

This took all of three seconds for me to love it.  I've heard her name, but couldn't remember who she was.  Turns out she was the singer of the 2010 Olympics song "I Believe" (which I was a fan of).

This is her new single from her latest CD "LIttle Secret"...
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On Demand Video: Startling "Don't Text And Drive" Campaign

This is not a bloody, gory car crash video.  It is a well done, STARTLING anti texting and driving video from Volkswagen.

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Shocker! AGBW's Chad Shares Story Of Having Multiple Sclerosis

Wow, when Chad and Ian introed a few of their songs at Starry Night In The Garden, they mentioned some major challenges they had dealt with over the last 5 or so years.  It certainly sounds like one of them was Chad's bout with Multiple Sclerosis.

Chad Vaccarino from A Great Big World on Good Morning America 6.24.14 from Epic on Vimeo.

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Paramore's Best Gig Ever: A Cruise Ship? Yep...

Paramore's Hayley Williams recently told British newspaper The Guardian that the band played a cruise ship. ''I really wanted to walk out to Come Sail Away. I really wanted to ham it up with the whole theme. But no, we didn't do any show-tunes, much as I would have loved that. Taylor (York, guitarist) wore Hawaiian button-up T-shirts the whole time. But I think we did a really good job of not making it cheesy, while also making fun of how ridiculous the whole thing was. And those two shows that we played were two of my favourite shows of the last four, five years – especially the second one, where we played more deep cuts."

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On Demand Video: Pearl Jam Covers "Let It Go"

Who knew Eddie Vedder was the next Idina Menzel?

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"Physical" Still The Sexiest Song Of All Time?

Just saw a quick blurb of something we've mentioned in Summer's was on this date in 2012 that named Olivia Newton-John's 1982 hit 'Physical' as The Sexiest Song Of All Time.  Have there been any songs in the past two years that would make the Top 10 Sexiest list?  Blurred Lines? John Legend's All of Me?
Billboard's Top Ten Sexiest Songs of All Time are:

1. Olivia Newton-John - 'Physical'
2. Rod Stewart - 'Tonight's The Night'
3. Boyz II Men - 'I'll Make Love To You'
4. Next – 'Too Close'
5. Marvin Gaye – 'Let's Get It On'
6. Donna Summer – 'Hot Stuff'
7. Captain and Tennille – 'Do That To Me One More Time'
8. Madonna – 'Like A Virgin'
9. Exile – 'Kiss You All Over'
10. Rod Stewart – 'Do Ya Think I'm Sexy'

Check out the whole Top 50 at

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Maroon 5 NYC Warm Up Gig Gets Harsh Review

When it comes to reviews, RLITM reminds you that so many things can influence the writer: were they in a bad mood that day, were they forced to review an act they plain just don't like, or do they have a grudge against the performer for something thats happened in the past?  Wondering if one of those things was present in the NY Daily News review of a Maroon 5 warm up show.  Brutal...

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Starbucks Raising Prices. Will it stop you from getting the Grande?

Starbucks will raise prices on coffee by 10 to 20 cents tomorrow. Food and iced-coffee frappuccino drink prices will not be raised. The price jump is due to arabica bean prices rising. Are you obsessed with a grande double mocha latte?  Check out Buzzfeeds 26 warning signs.  It's Buzzfeed funny!

26 Signs You're Hopelessly Obsessed With Starbucks

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