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102 Things That Make Buffalo Great!

Thanks for your help this morning! Here's what you came up with: 1.)    In the winter, you can leave your car running, go into Tops or Wegmans, come out, and it's still there! 2.)    Buffalo wings! 3.)    Short commute: can get anywhere in 15 or 20 minutes 4.)    Bills/Sabres gear is acceptable at any type of restaurant 5.)    We are the most giving city (City of good neighbors) 6.)    Every weekend, there’s something going on and it’s often FREE. 7.)    Erie County Fair 8.)    Architecture…great buildings. 9.)    Sahlen’s Hotdogs 10.) Underestimated Summers 11.) The Goo Goo Dolls 12.) Ralph Wilson Stadium, 1pm on a football Sunday 13.) Smell of Cheerios along Rt. 5 14.) Niagara Escarpment and it’s Wineries 15.) Living next to the lake, beautiful sunsets 16.) Italian/Allentown Festival 17.)  Rick James. RIP Superfreak 18.) 1 M & T plaza 19.)  Forest Lawn Cemetery, the nation’s largest inner city cemetery. 20.)  Summer Construction season, progress is happening, people are working. 21.)  Darwin Martin House 22.) Shakespeare in Delaware Park 23.) Weber’s Mustard 24.) Miss Buffalo 25.) Loganberry 26.) People think Irv Weinstein is still on Channel 7 27.) You can see your sports heroes in the same bar you hang out in after the game. 28.) We put the word “The” in front of everything for traffic 29.) You can leave at 7:30 and get to NYC, Boston, Baltimore, Philly, D.C, by dinner, and get to Toronto, Detroit, Pittsburgh by lunch! 30.) Taste of Buffalo 31.) Chefs 32.) Niagara Falls, it’s not BLO, but we will take credit for it 33.) High School sports get reported in the Buffalo News 34.) Bars are open till 4am 35.) Duffs/Anchor Bar Wings 36.) Concerts from Artpark to Buffalo Rocks the Harbor 37.) The Churches of Buffalo 38.) Mighty Taco 39.) Charlie the Butcher 40.) Tonawanda Canal fest 41.) Tim Horton’s on every corner 42.) Bison Chip Dip 43.) Dyngus Day 44.) Broadway Market 45.) Buffalo Bandits 46.) Going to a Bison’s game and almost often being able to sit where ever you want 47.) Always someone willing to dig you out 48.) Lawn Fete’s 49.) History of Buffalo 50.) KanJam 51.) Shea’s Performing Arts Center 52.) SPCA 53.) World Class Fishing 54.) Basilica in Lackawanna 55.) The People 56.) Sponge Candy 57.) Women & Children’s Hospital 58.) 4 Seasons (Even though one of them is far too long) 59.) Construction Season 60.) Inner Harbor shaped like a Buffalo 61.) Roswell Park 62.) The Avant Building 63.) Neighborly border/ Friendly Rivalry with Canada 64.) Jim’s Steakout 65.) Albright Knox 66.) Buffalo Museum of Science 67.) Always a mall within 10 minutes 68.) Affordable dock rates for Boaters 69.) More chocolate shops and makers than a city our size would normally have 70.) Wing Fest 71.) UB Center for the Arts 72.) Being able to deal with snow like no other city (SNOW DAYS) 73.) Snow days off from school 74.) Neighborhood Pizza Joints 75.) City & County Park System 76.) Having Bills and Sabres as your next door neighbors 77.) Ted’s Hotdogs 78.) Cazenovia Park 79.) Buffalo Zoo…Big enough for the kids, but you don’t have to kill yourself to cover it all 80.) Polish Festival 81.) Beef on weck. Beef on wick too, for those who spell it that way 82.) Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra 83.) Elmwood Strip 84.) Tons of local ice cream shops to choose from 85.) Millers horseradish 86.) Rich Products (Whipped Topping) 87.) High School Football on Fridays 88.) Chip Strip 89.) Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens 90.) Wilcox Mansion, Teddy Roosevelt Inaugural Site 91.) Hertel Ave Restaurants 92.) For the most part, it’s one of the safest places you could ever live 93.) Downtown parking…even though, we think it’s expensive, other cities are much much more 94.) Eden Corn Festival 95.) Letchworth State Park 96.) Home Grown Hockey Players 97.) Christmas Decorations at Salvatores Italian Gardens 98.) Buffalo Naval and Serviceman’s Park 99.) Andersons Ice Cream and Roast Beef 100.)  Our modern yet easy in, easy out airport 101.)   Chiavetta’s 102.)  You! The Buffalonian’s who helped come up with this list J

07/15/2011 5:06AM
102 Things That Make Buffalo Great!
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07/15/2011 9:50AM
- Great local musicians for any taste ranging from the Mick Hayes band to Avulsion to Joe Public. - The only year round flea market...the super flea. - Genessee beer - The Roycroft
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