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BNL's Gold Medal Rap...

Here's the Barenaked Ladies' Gold Medal Olympic rap from this past weekend in Toronto... BNL video from earlier today at the Niagara Falls, US Hard Rock Cafe can be seen here eventually. I love how they were so obsessed with losing the perfect orange when crossing the border today (fruit isn't allowed to cross the border and Kevin Hearn was truly distraught over this). That orange must have come up at least four times during the concert earlier today - too funny!
Me, Maia, and Ed Robertson (from the Barenaked Ladies)

02/22/2010 2:53PM
BNL's Gold Medal Rap...
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02/23/2010 8:15PM
What a great time we had at the show! I was the one who held the camera for the pic of you , Maia and Ed. I guess we were all in TO on Saturday as well! :D Thanks again!!
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