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Best Thursday At Canalside Opening Act Ever. Ever. Ever.

The crowd for 7/18's Thursday at Canalside was late arriving, mainly because of the heat.  While it was packed as normal when Los Lonely Boys went on around 8, it was about half of what it normally would be when things kicked off at 5:15.  Too bad, because many missed what might the greatest opening act EVER EVER EVER in the Canalside or even Thursday at The Square concert series...Randle & The Late Night Scandals.

I wasn't sure what to expect when they hit the stage.  You hear some opening acts and instantly think "Unless they make some changes, this will be the biggest gig they ever get." But as soon as Randle & Co hit the first note, the place was just blown away with the best original high energy R&B I've heard in a long, LONG time.  Randle, err, Amanda, their lead vocalist simply rocked...knows how to command a stage, having on one-one presence with the audience without delaying/talking too much in between songs.  She reminded me of a wispy-almost-tipsy Marisa Tomei.  With a geat voice. 

Also commanding the stage was a female alto sax player, who very simply fronted a band that sounded soooo close to James Brown's Famous Flames.  THAT good.  Thanks to
Kimberly Young-Mason.  She made me wanna go home and get my sax out of the basement.  

In doing more homework on  Randle & The Late Night Scandles, I found that they recently went through a few changes in the line-up, adding a new drummer & keyboardist, and playing with a percussionist for th first time ever at the Canalside gig.  The result was incredible!  You can just tell when musicianians belong together...and as the drummer said to me afterward "Man it seemed to just be flowing of the stage..just flowing!"  He was so gig together, and these guys seemed like they were made for each other.   So if you've seen Randle before and were less than impressed...see them again with this new lineup.  You will be blown away!

Buffalo is the land of 1,000 bands.  Lots of lawn fete's and festivals that need groups to fill time.  And it's soooo nice to see a band for the first time and feel like a) they have a chance at being something special, and b) they are GREAT musicians who care about their craft, not just about being on stage in front of a ton of people looking to be stars. 

If Randle & The Late Night Scandals are playing near you, go see them!  And these thoughts ae not just mine, buy verified by the sound guys and production people who have seen nearly every Thursday show since the Square/Harborside/Canalside concept started. 
They just might have been the best Thursday opening act EVER EVER EVER.

Though there is one thing.  Maybe they need a name change?  I kept calling them Randle & The Late Night Rascals on the air.  Am I the only one to do that?  And is it "AND" or "&" after "Randle".  Doesn't really long as it keeps "flowing off the stage!"
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07/19/2013 5:38AM
RLITM Local Band To Watch: Randle & The Late Night Rascals
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07/21/2013 11:27AM
Where you Been Rob?
Where you Been Rob? Randle and her Rabbits have been Rocking Buffalo for a long while. I say they and Whiskey Reverb are the two best bands in town. Also they are a great, great bunch of people. Personal friends after they played a benefit that I organized for a friend who broke his back: ScottiePalooza, FOR FREE!!. You couldn't find any better musicians or friends in this town! Happy for them. They deserve every advancement that they achieve! _ Tobias
07/21/2013 12:01PM
Thank You Rob
All I can say is WOW. Thank you for such kind words about our band. For a Current Schedule you can also visit our Website RATLNS.COM Kalifornia Kim
07/21/2013 12:17PM
A great group of people.
07/21/2013 1:55PM
Yes a great local very focus original band. The talent here in Buffalo is great. The drummer tight and always in the pocket. Bass player always in the groove. Keyboards, filling the melody, sax reaching out to all senses in your soul. Singer grabbing your attention. New guy, is Warren (percussion) plays in a few bands locally. Great guy and always a true musician.
08/05/2013 12:19PM
Great Band
Everyone in that band is excellent. Singer is gritty & soulful. Guitar playing is awesome, especially like the slide on Catwalk Blues! WOW
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