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Big Bang Theory: Punted Off Thursdays, Season 10 To Be It's Last?

CBS has taken over the NFL's Thursday Night Games, which means the #1 comedy and some other very strong programming will have to be moved this fall.  E! Reports on possibilites for Big Bang Theory, including the strong possiblity that season 10 will be it's last!


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04/29/2014 8:39AM
NFL Will Punt Big Bang Theory off Thursdays.!
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05/01/2014 1:16PM
Big Bang Fan
Big Bang is a strong show and it will survive anywhere they put it!!!! I hope it's not it's last, it's a great show!!!!!!
05/05/2014 9:06PM
Big Bang
Hmm, interesting but I think it'll do well in whatever day, time slot they move it to. I'm a huge fan, I know I'd find it wherever it was. Also, I thought I just saw one of the cast members on a talk show, they said they just signed anew contract for 3 more years.
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