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Big Brother - The Winner Is...

Three reality shows collided last night. Survivor began it's new season while Big Brother and America's Got Talent finished theirs. I watched Survivor and Big Brother, then called my friend Mary who told me the winner of America's Got Talent. I'm happy I didn't watch the two hours of America's Got Talent. A singer won?! Pathetic. Fighting Gravity was easily the best in my mind as they're completely unique and the best fit for a Vegas show. So naturally when America voted, they came in 3rd. I'm sure they'll end up with a Vegas show, just as I'm sure the two singers who came in 1st & 2nd will be forgotten by America within days.
On CBS, Survivor began it's old versus young experiment and it wasn't all that exciting. There are some fun / crazy people this season (it's a miracle Jud / Fabio survived the hour and I'm sure the Survivor medical staff will get to know him well as the season progresses), but one of the crazies has already been voted off. I thought she wasn't much of a people person throughout the episode. Then the end came and she interrupted Jeff at the Tribal Council with a loony speech that helped get her voted out. Have these people ever seen the show before? I'm sure Survivor will pick up as the season progresses - the first episode of the season is usually one of the weak ones. After that it was the two-hour finale for Big Brother 12. Two hours is usually way too much for Big Brother, but last night it worked. That was the best finale of the show ever. The Zingbot was there in the beginning, which was promising. Sadly, that was the only appearance it made in the episode. That's okay though, as the rest of the episode provided plenty of entertainment. One of the highlights was when the Brigade made it to the end of the game, wearing T-shirts they made for their alliance. Unfortunately, the final two didn't know how to spell the name of their alliance. Maybe it was an intentional misspelling, but I kind of doubt that. Enzo provided a lot of comic relief throughout his appearance. Especially during his post-eviction interview where he proclaimed his love for CBS, thanked himself, thanked his parents for making him, thanked the audience, etc. Another highlight - Britney being completely disgusted by Brendon & Rachel. Julie Chen called her on it when Britney mouthed "I am so disgusted" to the camera while they were talking. Julie Chen was at her absolute best last night calling people on a lot of things throughout the finale. The live aspect of the show was evident when Julie was reading the votes for the winner and was putting the wrong names in the slots. Oops. She had fun with this though - and that's one of the things that makes live shows fun to watch. As for the ultimate winner, I was happy that Hayden won. Lane already has a lot of money outside the house and recent things that he revealed on the live feeds made me not want him to win (let alone remain in the game). And Hayden did seem to be one of the nicer houseguests. At the end, I was rooting for either him or Enzo to win. And Britney, who I originally wanted to win, at least got something out of this. She took home the America's Favorite Houseguest $25,000 prize. And the show ended with Rachel's complete disgust over this. Her eye-rolling was kind of funny over the end credits, although completely understandable from her point of view. Overall, it was a good season of Big Brother, but not great. To be great, it needed a lot more drama. But to have that, they needed more annoying people and there really wasn't many of those this season. Nice people and big drama don't mix. But I'm happy to see another nice person win. And Julie Chen was incredible constantly calling people out for things and making them give better answers than they were giving. As for the future of Big Brother, get ready for season 13 next summer! CBS announced the renewal of the show earlier this week.

09/16/2010 10:08AM
Big Brother - The Winner Is...
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