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CNN Report -- Puppy Mills Exposed

This is hard to watch, but please take in as much as you can.  Jane Velez-Mitchell's segment on puppy mills

If I was President, my first act would be to outlaw all puppy mills in the United States.  

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12/22/2011 6:35PM
CNN Report -- Puppy Mills Exposed
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12/23/2011 10:53AM
Thank you for exposing the horrors of puppy mills
Rob, thanks for posting this. I work with a group here in Buffalo to rescue dogs from puppy mills. Our group's name is FurEver Friends Dog Rescue of WNY. You can contact us either on facebook or our web page if anyone is interested in helping ordonating so we can free more dogs from this horrific life. Thank you!
12/24/2011 11:06AM
Puppy Mills need to be outlawed !
Rob, I also am in Furever Friends Dog Rescue of WNY. I adopted one of our rescues last April. An 8 yr old Lhasa Apso- she spent her ENTIRE 8 years living in a wire cage with other dogs- being bred over and over. She never saw sun, touched grass, had a toy or LOVE. It's been a challenge to get her adjusted to 'doggie life'. Our black lab has really helped the process. PLEASE continue to educate the public about the puppy mills. I didn't know much until 9 mths ago. When I look at my dog, I want her to 'forget her past'. We must put a stop to this inhumane treatment of dogs! Thank you for your Support of dog rescues !
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