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Craziness is over...

So I spent the holidays in Ohio with my family....awesome to see them.. Hecktic as hell to get there.  I do all the cooking, so I dragged my own food, ingredients an pans with me....I know I know..But I need them to do it right.  So I cooked my brians out and it seemed like everyone enjoyed it....packed the car to get there with all my food stuff, presents and me and hubbys clothes....then Christmas day we loaded the car back home, unpacked it and repacked it to go to his brothers!had dinner exchanged presents, loaded the car back up, went home and unpacked the car...Neighbors Frank and Tonya invited us over.  I went to their house crawled on the coacha dn I was done.  I have to admit that not much slows me down..this holiday kicked my butt.  Now I'm sick with a sore throat and can't wait to get my tree in the attic and my life back.  Hope that doesn't make me a grinch....I'm just ready for my normal boring life!  just had some Hot chocolate (diet of course) and  am going home to make some spicy Thai soup, take some medicine and get in bed.  Amen...All my whining aside....I am truly blessed and have very little to be unhappy about...I guess thats why I can complain about the little things.  My wish or the new year is a cure for Prkinson's Disease for my brother, and good health to you and yours...Happy New Year my friends!

12/29/2010 11:25AM
Craziness is over...
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