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Day 10 no smokey!!!!

Day 10 of no cigarettes.  Not so bad so far.  Although I did eat a whole box of Mike and Ikes last night.  God those things are good.  Day 10 of antibiotics for this frickin bubonic plague I have.  Doc gave me 10 more and a steroid pack.  I just want to feel good again.  I have a long weekend planned so maybe by Tuesday I'll feel alive again.  So her I go with the top 10 reasons I enjoy not smoking: 10.  I don't have to spend $8.00 a pack 9.  I don't have to hear people bitchin' at me to quit 8.  I don't have to clean dirty ashtrays 7.  My clothes don't stink 6.  My hair doesn't stink 5.  My teeth won't be yellow 4.  I don't have to worry about when I'm gonna be able to smoke while I travel 3.  Don't spend my life looking for a light 2.  Don't have to stand out in the cold. 1.  I can actually breathe again. PS.  My mother made me. :)

03/03/2010 11:17AM
Day 10 no smokey!!!!
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03/11/2010 6:18AM
Rob Lucas
Your mother is a very smart person.
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