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Dear Santa: Precious Letter To Stop Bullying

An 8 year-old North Carolina boy recently wrote a letter to Santa asking him to stop bullies from teasing his twin sister. The letter read:

Dear Santa,

My mom said to send you a Christmas list. I wanted a remote control car and helicopter but I do not want that anymore.

Kids at school are still picking on Amber and it is not fair because she does not do anything to them and it makes me mad.

I prayed they would stop, but God is busy and I need your help.

Is it against the rules to give up gifts early?

Can you ask Big Time Rush to come to Amber’s birthday party? It will make her so happy.

If you do not get them to come that is fine, just get her everything she asked for.

Thanks Santa,

Love Ryan

PS- My mom throws the best birthday parties. You can come if you want.

The boy's mom, Karen Suffern, is quoted by the Daily Mail as saying: I try to build up my daughter's self-esteem and tell her she is beautiful, but people say hurtful things to me, because I also have a weight problem, and that hurts me. I can't imagine what she goes through. Every day when she goes to school, she says, “Mommy, can I just stay at home?” and she just doesn't want to go.’ And now every time I send her to school, I feel like I am not protecting her and I am letting her down. If my kids don't call names and pick on others, I would expect other parents to teach their kids to be respectful, too. There have been times my kids would point at others and say, "why is her hair so strange" and things like that, and I would say, "You know, people are different, and that is just the way they are.'"

The New York Daily News has more including pics!


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09/18/2013 5:28AM
Dear Santa: Precious Letter To Stop Bullying
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09/18/2013 10:46AM
Santa letter
The sensitivity shown by this young man is beautiful. His love for his sister, as well as his desire to deny himself to fulfill her request is the perfect example of the Christmas spirit. I do hope, however, that the mom has talked her concerns over with school officials....
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