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Does The New Canadian $100 Bill Really Smell Like Maple Syrup?

Rob wonders if Canada has a $100 bill that smells like Maple Syrup, can the US make a 5 that smells like bacon?

Canada's new $100 bill has started a fresh controversy, with dozens of residents contacting the Bank of Canada to ask why the bill smells like maple syrup. Toronto-based news agency The Canadian Press obtained a year's worth of rather hilarious emails sent to the country's central bank from concerned Canadians inquiring about the sweet smell in the bills that were introduced in 2011. However, the Bank of Canada didn't have the answer some may have wanted: No syrup smell has been added to the new bills, the outlet reported Sunday.

Check out the full stories from Huffington Post, and the National Post!

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05/29/2013 6:38AM
Rob Wonders: "If Canada has a 100 That Smells Like Maple Syrup, Can We Get A 5 That Smells Like Baco
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05/29/2013 6:58PM
Maple Syrup $100.00 Cdn.
Hi Rob! I was on my way to work this morning and heard the talk about our Canadian $100.00 bill. I live in southern Ontario..actually Brantford and yes.. our bills do smell like maple syrup and also I heard that someone melted their $50 dollar bill on the dashboard of their vehicle. It goes one step further with washing and drying the bills too. Bills tend to melt in the dryer as well. Just a little tidbit for you too. Makes you want to say...hmmm go figure eh! Lisa
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