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Fantasy Island & Darien Lake Rumors...

So far, Marineland is the only area park who’s 2007 plans are known. As for rumors about Buffalo's other two amusement parks...

Fantasy Island: Something new is definitely coming. Probably a spin ride, but that’s a complete guess on my part. I wouldn’t be surprised (or disappointed) to see a Zamperla Disk’O or something similar. The Disk’O is a perfect family ride and if the settings are turned up a bit, can also be an extreme thrill ride (personally, I believe thrill rides should never be run on anything less than ludicrous speed). Other possibilities from that same company are Power Surge or Windshear - the names alone sound exciting, don't they? Check out Zamperla's website for pictures of their rides and keep watching Fantasy Island's website for an update...

Darien Lake: When Six Flags closed Astroworld in Texas, that park’s stand-up roller coaster (Batman: The Escape) was moved to Darien Lake. And there it sat in pieces for the last year (at one point, the track was sitting just across the street from the park). Does that now belong to Darien Lake or will it move to a Six Flags park? We’ll see soon. Regardless, this will be a great year for Darien Lake. Good riddance, Six Flags.

02/06/2007 12:06PM
Fantasy Island & Darien Lake Rumors...
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