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Feel Good Monday Video: Who Is Amy Belle?

While kicking around some music videos over the weekend, I stumbled across the most incredible live performance of "I Don't Want To Talk About It" by Rod Stewart and...Amy Belle?  Yeah, this unknown blew me away!  And apparently Rod too, because back in 2004, he decided to showcase her, even saying at the end of the video "Watch for big things from her..."  Yet still, 9 years later, I had no idea who she was. 
After doing some research on her, I found out that even though she has been to the states and tried to start a career, it just hasn't panned out, as she's back to being a tavern singer and bussing tables to make $$$.  A great example of how it not only takes talent, but the right timing to make it in the entertainment business.  And sometimes timing is even more important than talent (see THE VOICE and AMERICAN IDOL). The paragraph below is a small sampling from a web piece on Amy Belle.  Click the link at the end for me, and PLEASE watch the video. Whoever is on wails!

Amy Belle
, was discovered busking on the streets of Glasgow by a friend of Rod Stewart and really soon afterwards was performing with Rod on stage at a “One Night Only” show at London’s Royal Albert Hall. Simply incredible. For those not familiar with U.K. terminology, Busking is the practice of doing live performances in public places to entertain people

SCOTS busker Amy Belle thought her life would change forever when Rod Stewart whisked her away to perform with him at the Albert Hall after spotting her singing on a Glasgow street.

But three years later Amy, now 26, is still singing for her supper in the city’s busy shopping precincts, despite being tipped as the next big thing after her appearance with Rod.

Things are not quite as bad as they appear for the budding star however, it is just that the the wheels of show business are moving slowly.

Amy said: “I am back busking and doing gigs in pubs because I need to pay the bills.

Yahoo Answers for more on the AMAZING Amy Belle, and how so far, with the exception of one night, timing has not been in her favor

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01/03/2014 4:28PM
Feel Good Monday Video: Who Is Amy Belle?
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06/09/2014 11:30AM
Amy Belle
I love Amy and the first time I saw her was in the Rod Stewart DVD from Royal Prince Albert Hall. I don't understand why Rod Stewart could not get her connected with an agent/manager in the U. S. to help her with her career. She stole the show with Rod.
06/26/2014 12:09AM
Amy Belle
Saw Amy on the DVD with Rod Stewart at the Royal Albert Hall, I have played and replayed that track so many times and it rings in my head. She was sensational and deserves to be recognized for her talent. What is wrong with people? She is fabulous.
07/13/2014 9:21AM
Amy Belle
She should be singing at opening of Scotish Commonwealth games. Could listen to her for hours , have followed her for years. Amy you just need the good luck you deserve.
07/24/2014 11:23PM
Amy Belle
Al igual que muchos, la primera vez q escuché a Amy Belle en vivo a dúo con Rod Stewart, quedé impactada por su voz, desde entonces no he podido dejar de escuchar I don't wanna talk about it. Ella es increíble, su talento es evidente y sería justo q tuviera un lugar en el mundo de la música, merece ser reconocida. Espero pronto tener noticias de ella, su voz retumba en mi cabeza por horas después de escucharla de nuevo.
08/15/2014 6:41AM
Amy Belle and rod stewert!!!
Amy has a incredible voice what a huge huge privilege to sing with such a huge person like rod stewert and they sounded awesome together we play it over and over its my 3 yr olds favourite song and she so sings all the words to it she. Adores rod and Amyand so do I.
08/17/2014 3:30PM
Bussing vs. Busking
You wrote that she is bussing tables but she is actually busking. That means singing for donations. There is a difference.
08/19/2014 4:52AM
From Philippines to Dubai!
I love her voice... Soulful! Love this video very much!
08/20/2014 6:35AM
From Malaysia With Love
Such a great performance by Rod and Amy. Both complemented with each other very well. Hope to see more of Amy Belle in the spotlight as she has a superb and unforgettable voice. Keep on singing to the world, Amy!
08/20/2014 10:16AM
Amazing Lady!!
I seen her singing in a video with Rod Stewart "I don't want to talk about it". Any took my breath away with her beauty and talent for singing. I have that particular video on my harddrive in my truck which I play over many times. Good luck to you Amy. I hope you catch a break soon and do what you truly love . Rob
08/23/2014 10:16AM
Great Voice
I believe the sax player is Candy Dulfer, and she rocks! Fred
08/30/2014 10:33PM
Love your voice, amy.
09/02/2014 2:18AM
I fall in love
I really fall in love Where can I find her ??? lol
09/09/2014 10:25AM
I don't want to talk about it
Amy you have a wonderful voice and I cannot understand why you have never had a break. Your voice is better than half of the singers today. I could listen to you all day. The best of luck Jane
09/17/2014 2:03PM
i don't wnat to talk about it
The name of the sax player is Katja Rieckermann she can really wail on the sax. there r also videos of amy bell check out on you tube didn't I say is really good one. .Also check out janna jacoby she can play the mandalin on maggie may Dennis
09/23/2014 8:56PM
Amazing and I want to hear more from her.
What a natural wonderful voice. I fell in love with her voice and looks when watching her with Rod Stewart. I hope she gets a second chance as she has it all in one package.
09/30/2014 1:21PM
She deserves more.
Rod Stewart should give her another boost. She is good enough to deserve it and she would enhance anything he was doing.
10/23/2014 2:18PM
Amy is an amazing performer
Amy is amazing! She needs to be hooked up David Foster the music man! He will make her a huge star!! We love you Amy you're amazing and your voice is so unique and perfect! Good luck!
10/25/2014 7:04AM
Nugent & Belle
A part of this actually works :
10/26/2014 3:07PM
What a voice, what a smile Amy
Yes, I found this version after hearing the song on the radio. Wow Amy - you are gorgeous and wonderful. That smile!!! I really really hope you get the break you so much deserve. Don't stop singing! Cant stop watching Amy.
11/05/2014 9:56AM
Wake up talent scouts !!!
This is the next Big Thing as Rod Stewart mentioned. Really enjoy her style of singing. Best of luck Amy.
11/24/2014 12:11AM
awesome Belle!
Didn't think passionate talent like Amy Belle existed anymore. She's the real deal. Beautiful to watch them make incredible music together. Thank Rod Stewart for having the insight to bring her to us. Now gotta watch again and again.
11/27/2014 2:08AM
miss amye belle
I miss you Amye , your voice was awesome singing with Rod , do not give up and keeping trying to come aboard
11/27/2014 11:59AM
Amy Belle
She havet it,,,,,, Carissma this girl, give her The right songs only.and She become a moneymascine.
12/11/2014 4:53PM
Amy is great
Like so many others, i thought Amy was terrific at the Albert Hall. But the way things are...the truly talented rarely get the credit and the awards they deserve.
12/23/2014 12:54AM
amye bell
What a wonderful song dont want to talk about it with Rod Stewart.... Have watched video at least 100 times..
02/25/2015 8:40AM
I love amy belle d best singer for me!
04/01/2015 11:23PM
Amye Belle Haven
Amye. Your such a wonderful singer. Do not give up.
04/07/2015 7:42PM
Rodamye or what could have been
Rod the best in the world, Always given us the best, So he would know Amye as singing partner, even as a part timer. Would give us what we all want .Sadly in the business world dividing up the money , always causes a split, Sadly, I cant see any other reason why we have been robbed of something dynamic as what these two could do for me and all the ones that feel as I do , Hope Rod gets read this , PS. I have seen the rain , You could sing it with Amye ,That would cause a storm, Best as Always Slattie.
05/06/2015 10:56AM
Obvious one night stand
The big questions should be. Why did Rod Stewart abandon Amy Belle after one performance with her. Certainly he could have helped her with her career. It is sad how sometimes famous people just use people for a short time and then throw them away. Sorry Amy Belle, you deserve better.
05/11/2015 11:18PM
Amye Belle
Amye you are so truly amazing Fabulous voice never give up. I so wished you sang in the USA
05/12/2015 5:16PM
You have an awesome voice, beautiful,lovely! Dont ever give up.Keep on going!
05/23/2015 2:48AM
Amy Belle
I just watched the DVD last night. I had to watch it another dozen times before I could turn it off. It's amazing - and a great thing Rod did to give her a chance. Hang in there girl, you are too good not to make it. Give it one more try.
06/11/2015 7:18PM
Ester from Australia
Hello Amy Belle i like your performance the way you sung the song duet with Rod Stewart ii is so amazing and you have a wonderful voice, i hope you could do aconcert here in Australia.
06/21/2015 2:45PM
Amy Belle was fantastic w/Rod Stewart. He should take her on tour--they would be utterly SUPER. Come on Rod help this girl get the big break to stardom. I wish she was my girl friend. Every time I watch the dvd I rerun her song about 5-6 times. Can't get enough. You keep on going girl. Someone help this girl.
06/22/2015 10:52PM
Oh.. She's beautiful and looks nice.. To know how to sing thing is just a bonus anyway.. Doesn't matter.. :)
06/29/2015 2:15PM
Amy Belle is fantastic! She projects a paradoxical image of a sexy, beautiful, hot, and yet super innocent and sweet woman. I just love her persona, her singing, and don't understand why she hasn't become famous.
07/18/2015 10:05AM
Amy Belle
I can't help going back to that concert with Rod Stewart and seeing how nervous and great she was. There's something very magnetic about her. Why the mega delay in her popularity?
08/03/2015 10:26AM
Amy Belle..........
I watched several times the youtube video of Rod Stewart singing with Amy Belle. Such duet is really super fantastic and I love it very much......! I hope to see more of Amy Belle awesome singing performance................
08/04/2015 9:42PM
The talented Amy Belle
As much as I enjoy Rod Stewart, I think he looked uncomfortable and dare I say it, rather jealous of Amy's lovely, expressive voice. It is such a pity that he didn't help her career, he was in the right place at the right time! We love Amy Belle, come on Rod, put that football down and give her another chance, please. Kind Diva
08/22/2015 10:37AM
Amy Belle, 08/22/2015
Where is she now? We are going to Glasgow from the US on September 9, 2015. Can we find her? Any information would be appreciated. I have a friend who LOVES her! Thanks! Betty
08/23/2015 9:06PM
I don't want to talk about it…
Just watched the video now with Rod Stewart… Absolutely awesomeI don't want to talk about it…I dearly hope good luck comes your way because you've paid your dues and you have the talent
08/28/2015 12:09AM
I Don't want to talk about it
one of the best duets ever, sexy and passionate, love that smile and the connection between the two is so sensitive and intimate - bet sure to watch it
09/02/2015 1:29PM
a little monotone
Amy's voice is a little drone monotone and lacks air, so perhaps this is why she has not made it "big". Perhaps she could overcome this with a bit of voice training?
10/02/2015 2:13PM
Rod the Dog
And a very lovely lady, Hmmm , What could go wrong?
10/08/2015 10:18AM
Rare talent
She is stunning with the voice of an angel I would love to know if she ever comes to Cardiff I Would pay top price to see her . Love you Amy x
10/29/2015 8:21AM
I love amy belle
Always move forward amy belle👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼
11/02/2015 7:57PM
Amy Belle
Heard the Rod Stewart & Amy Belle duet of I don't want to talk about it by chance, then found the video on YouTube. Played it over and over - pure magic and the beauty and emotion brought tears to my eyes. Magical performance by Amy, what a great voice. A wonderful gesture by Rod to introduce Amy. I really hope she gets a successful break. Come on DJ's, music radio presenters, etc - Help Out! Richard in Essex.
11/03/2015 3:34AM
Amy Belle
You rock girl - I love your voice, your look and your beautiful shy smile. I have watched the video with you singing with Rod Stewart over and over again. Absoluuuutely looooove it.
11/14/2015 7:48AM
What a wonderful voice you had amy, when you performed with Rod Steward, I dont what to talked about it, . You really deserve to be famous aside from your musical acoustic . Your so beautiful Amy with your bluewish eyes. Everytime i always played from youtube your duet with Rod Stewart.. You had a great voice which is different from others. Keep it up amy. 14344
11/21/2015 5:44PM
Amy Belle
Stewart did introduce her to people in L.A. .Song writers and record co. excs.
11/23/2015 8:24PM
Amy belle
This girl has a fantastic voice , why is she not under top management , a great talent I would love to hear her in concert , any CDs of this lady , great voice , pretty , all the best Amy
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