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Feel Good Monday Video: Who Is Amy Belle?

While kicking around some music videos over the weekend, I stumbled across the most incredible live performance of "I Don't Want To Talk About It" by Rod Stewart and...Amy Belle?  Yeah, this unknown blew me away!  And apparently Rod too, because back in 2004, he decided to showcase her, even saying at the end of the video "Watch for big things from her..."  Yet still, 9 years later, I had no idea who she was. 
After doing some research on her, I found out that even though she has been to the states and tried to start a career, it just hasn't panned out, as she's back to being a tavern singer and bussing tables to make $$$.  A great example of how it not only takes talent, but the right timing to make it in the entertainment business.  And sometimes timing is even more important than talent (see THE VOICE and AMERICAN IDOL). The paragraph below is a small sampling from a web piece on Amy Belle.  Click the link at the end for me, and PLEASE watch the video. Whoever is on wails!

Amy Belle
, was discovered busking on the streets of Glasgow by a friend of Rod Stewart and really soon afterwards was performing with Rod on stage at a “One Night Only” show at London’s Royal Albert Hall. Simply incredible. For those not familiar with U.K. terminology, Busking is the practice of doing live performances in public places to entertain people

SCOTS busker Amy Belle thought her life would change forever when Rod Stewart whisked her away to perform with him at the Albert Hall after spotting her singing on a Glasgow street.

But three years later Amy, now 26, is still singing for her supper in the city’s busy shopping precincts, despite being tipped as the next big thing after her appearance with Rod.

Things are not quite as bad as they appear for the budding star however, it is just that the the wheels of show business are moving slowly.

Amy said: “I am back busking and doing gigs in pubs because I need to pay the bills.

Yahoo Answers for more on the AMAZING Amy Belle, and how so far, with the exception of one night, timing has not been in her favor

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01/03/2014 4:28PM
Feel Good Monday Video: Who Is Amy Belle?
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