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Fundraiser For SBU Student Impacted By Hurricane Sandy

Ryan Lazo, a senior journalism major at St. Bonaventure, is from Rockaway in Queens, New York.

You know what they've been through. His family has lost practically everything, including their house and a family’s restaurant.
His classmates at Bona’s have set up a benefit page to help out the family.
Thank you for supporting an outstanding SBU student and his family as they get back on their feet.

UPDATE: Clothing and shoe sizes for the family have been posted here. Every little bit helps. 

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11/01/2012 7:56AM
Fundraiser For SBU Student Impacted By Hurricane Sandy
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11/01/2012 3:13PM
Thank you for the support
My name is Tony Lee, and I'm one of the people that help set up this fund. Thank you so much for talking about this on air. And I will definitely tell Ryan to send you guys a resume. You guys would be lucky to have him. God bless!
11/01/2012 4:03PM
Thank you Thank you Thank you
I am Sally O'Rourke, Ryan's girlfriend. The Lazo's have done more for me than I would ever be able to even begin to describe and it means the entire world to me and everyone else who set this up that so many people are helping to get the word out. If anyone in Buffalo is in contact about how to donate supplies you can reach out to me through Tony, my family lives in Buffalo and is collecting things to take down to them by the end of the month. Thank you again!
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