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Gold medal taken away from speed skater...

Dutch speed skater Sven Kramer won his second gold medal yesterday. But shortly after that, it was taken away. Sven changed lanes at a point in the race when he shouldn't have. And his coach is the one who accidentally told him to do it. Here's the complete story. Chances are, even if you don't follow speed skating, you're probably familiar with Sven Kramer thanks to an interview he did last week with NBC. This will make you feel a little less sorry for him... Granted, it was kind of crazy for the reporter to start the interview like that minutes after he won his first Olympic gold medal. But he still could have been nicer about it. UPDATE 2-25: Good luck finding the video online now - the Olympic Committee has now pulled it from just about everywhere.

02/24/2010 2:13PM
Gold medal taken away from speed skater...
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10/16/2011 4:36AM
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