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Goo Goo Dolls Magnetic: Rob Reviews...

I've spent the past 24 hour listening to the Goo Goo Dolls MAGNETIC.  I listen to albums the same way you do, first a quick skim, the first minute or so of each song to see what gets my attention, see what INSTANT HITS jump out, then go back and listen to it top to bottom, hopefully more than a few times.  And I'm happy to say, this album is so good, I'll be listening all summer!
Rob's Magnetic thoughts:
Rebel Beat opens, same version you hear on STAR, no adjustments for the album version, no longer guitar riffs, etc.

-LOVE the strings on When The World Breaks Your Heart (cut 2).   Just might be the second single...although there about 4 choices for it.
-On my first listen to MAGNETIC, I didn't give much thought to Slow It Down, (cut 3). Upon further listen, it stands out more and more.  Maybe another hit.
-Caught In The Storm is GREAT power pop
-Come To Me is simply a POWERFUL acoustic ballad, with hints of The Beatles GIRL and another song I just can't put my finger on yet...maybe the Monkees "What Am I Doing Hangin 'Round?"
-LOVE Robby's vocal on Bringing On The Light...starts so slow, then gets into old-school Goos rock.  I can soooo see Robby jumping on stage to this with bare feet.  Might be my favorite Robby song in 3 albums, and he's had some strong ones
-Cuts 8 and 9, Bulletproof Angel, and Last Hot Night are perfectly sequenced on the album, Bulletproof being an incredibly melodic, poetic, dramatic piano based song with an incredible Johnny vocal, and Last Hot Night uptempo, dramatic power pop with almost and angelic chorus and hook.  Another contender for a follow-up single.
-Happiest Days  Robby singing what some may refer to as SYMPATHY Pt. 2, but that's only in the beginning.  It takes on a life of its own about 40 seconds in.  This songs sounds like it should be on a movie soundtrack playing in the background as a romance gets figured out on screen.  The background vocals weaving in and out in the final 30 sec are sooo neat!

-Lyrics on the foldout are a little daunting...the yellow on the aqua a little rough on the eyes. Made it really tough to find out who wrote which song, production etc.  But in the words of Spinal Tap "That's nitpicking"
I give MAGNETIC a straight A, and not because the guys are from Buffalo, and great friends to STAR. If the album wasn't good, I simply wouldn't say anything about it.  But for its diversity of material, huge melodies and orchestral productions, combined with power pop, MAGNETIC is a MUST OWN.

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06/10/2013 4:46PM
Goo Goo Dolls Magnetic. Rob Sez...
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06/11/2013 10:35PM
Can't wait till August 24 the boys come home
I agree 100 percent with u and not just cuz they're from this area the boys have proved y they're still on top I got a little worried with something for the rest of us but still saw them July 29 2011 at darien lake I feel like every song on here could go top ten if released as a single I'm only 21 so I don't know much about their older stuff my first show was April 2006 st bonaventure university my mom and dad used to go to the bars to see them and have made me love the hometown boys with that said magnetic has cemented me as a lifetime fan I love this album and am so excited to see them when they come back home August 24th were reAlly special one headlining concert for us wny fans the rest are coheadlining with matchbox 20 as far as I can tell
06/13/2013 10:57PM
Nice review. Forgot the last song "keep the car running"
06/18/2013 12:16AM
You Nailed It
I agree with you -- this is a clean, old school, good rocking, sing along album with every track able to stand on its own, yet they flow together seamlessly. Can't wait to hear it live in Pittsburgh on the 29th. :-) It is on repeat - can't get enough.
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