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Have You Seen Jenni?

I know it's a little goofy to use the web of a 110,000 watt radio station for something like this, but if we can help reunite a dog with it's owner, it would make my year!  Jenni, a black and white pit bull was lost on 1/13 near West Falls.   The dog has been spotted in West Falls, Orchard Park, Hamburg and now Lackawanna.  There are so many people tirelessly working to find Jenni.  They have put up posters, put flyers on cars, driven around, called police and dog control departments in various towns. 

If you see her, please call the numbers on the poster.  I've been given permission to post them here.  I soooo hope Jenni is out there somewhere looking to get back home.  I can't imagine how cold she has been over the past 45 days.  But dogs are smart...can find ways to live in the wild when humans would fold up the tent.  Hoping we can find her! Visit their Facebook page for more.

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03/06/2013 5:21AM
Have You Seen Jenni?
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03/06/2013 9:22AM
Find Jenni
Rob Rock! Thank you so much for sharing this, generally media hasnt been able to help. And thank you for announcing on your segment with Gina from SPCA! The more we can get the the word to more people, the better chance of getting this girl home. As everyone keeps their eyes open please remember, she is scared, cold, hungry (almost ferral at this point) DO NOT YELL, DO NOT CHASE you will scare her. Instead, immediately call numbers on flyers and animal control! If you do try to see if she will come, your only chance is to get low to the ground, have yummy smelling food and avoid eye contact. Please help get Jenni home! Thank you again Rob!
03/06/2013 9:42AM
Kathy B.
Thank you so much Rob for helping with this! From one who has been involved in this search, it is just wonderful to see a story about it on a place that will be viewed by thousands of people. That is just what we needed.
03/06/2013 4:32PM
Gina P
You rock! Thank you so much for helping us. We greatly appreciate it!
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