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Have You Seen This Dog?

 sekera I recently received the following e-mail from a listener.  Broke my heart.  We get many requests to publicize lost dog announcements, but can't do most of them.  I couldn't let this one go without trying to help. If you see Sekera, please contact the Prestons at My husband and I went away for one night out of town, if you can believe it we drove to Columbus for that horrible Sabres game. My brother was staying at our house for the night to watch our dog and 4 cats. She ran away from him while he was taking her out and ran into a car. She was not seriously injured (no broken bones, torn ligaments our substantial bleeding) but did have a laceration on her left hind leg. He took her immediately to the Greater Buffalo Emergency Clinic in Amherst near Main and Union. They examined and decided they were going to put her under anesthesia to sew her gash up. In order to do so they had to weigh her to know how much to give her. The scale is out in the waiting room. They weighed her and were walking her to the back rooms when a receptionist buzzed someone in and as soon as the doors opened she slipped out of her collar and bolted. She never would have done this had I or my husband been there but she was scared and probably wanted to find us. She was last seen on Main and Union at which point we were advised she ran into the woods so they called off the search. We did not find any of this out until we returned home from Columbus Sunday afternoon. Our lives have been a downward spiral ever since. We spent the remainder of Sunday afternoon and Sunday evening searching for our baby. I visited the animal shelter, SPCA and Cheektowaga dog pound yesterday, posted fliers in the neighborhood and went door to door on a couple of blocks in hopes that someone has rescued her. A fax has been sent to all the vets in the Greater Buffalo area, police departments contacted, e-mails sent to rescue groups and shelters. We feel helpless and don't know what more we can do. I have checked the shelter again today, am going back to the SPCA, posting fliers in all the area pet stores and will continue with our door to door search.  Our fear is someone will think she is a stray as her collar came off in her escape and will want to keep her for themselves. She is a beautiful white shepherd, super friendly although probably really terrified. We named her Sekera, yes because we are Sabres fans.  We are at our wits end, our hearts break more every minute. Again, if you could keep an eye open and pass the word along to the staff and friends, we would so appreciate it.  Gratefully, Julie Preston. sekera2sekera 3

02/10/2010 7:53AM
Have You Seen This Dog?
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02/11/2010 5:03AM
According to Sekera was found. I received an automated voice message from this site yesterday and when I went to the site yesterday the dog was listed as found.
02/11/2010 5:52AM
I received an email from the Buffalo Humane Society yesterday that Sekera was found and with her family.
02/11/2010 7:00AM
I would love to email this blog to all my friends. My cocker spaniel is my best friend and furr child. Rob you were right. This article was heart breaking.
02/15/2010 10:00AM
Hey Rob, Nice to see you are doing this. Any word on if they have found him yet ?
02/26/2010 9:07AM
was the dog ever found?
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