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Rob Lucas In The Morning

Up Close And Back Stage With One Direction!

Star/1D superfan Mackenzee Mann was our 1D Wednesday meet & greet front row winner! She checked in with RLITM the next morning to talk hanging with One Direction! Yes...they do have a certain "aroma and feel"!

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Labor Day Shopping...What To Buy & What To Avoid

Tons of sales happen during Labor Day weekend, but there are some items you should steer clear of!
Ben's Bargains has created a list of what to avoid purchasing during Labor Day using legitimate shopping data. Check out Labor Day Sales to make sure you get the most out of your buck!

Photo Credit: Tim Parkinson via Flickr
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One Direction: Then...and Now!

1D Thursday! If you're dropping off or picking up your kids at Ralph Wilson Stadium here's what you need to know about parking.

Get ready for the show with a One Direction retrospective!

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This Is Purrrfect!

How does basking in the sun while napping all afternoon sound? Cats have the life and we can learn
9 Life Lessons from our feline friends!

Photo Credit: Producer Alex's Siamese Sake

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RLITM Salutes Freddy & Danielle Jackson

Freddy Jackson let go by the Bills yesterday. Can't think of a better way to celebrate their time in Buffalo by revisiting Danielle Jackson's appearances on the Better Half of the Bills. Her story of them driving to The Ralph for the first pre-season game and wondering if anyone would ever wear her husbands jersey is priceless, especially considering how he became the face of the franchise and many Buffalo businesses. Buffalo will miss the Jackson's (especially if Freddy hooks up with another team and destroys us in one game)!

Danielle Jackson vistis the Better Half from 11/12/13.

Danielle Jackson visits the Better Half from 9/30/14.

Photo Credit: Charlie Lyons-Pardue via Flickr
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2015 MTV VMA Winners & Hot Links

Taylor wins big, Kanye makes good with Taylor, Miley hosts, Nikki Minaj calls Miley a B*#ch, and Kanye gives one of his most rambling speeches ever!

So went the MTV VMA's. Winners and hot links below

Video Of The Year: Taylor Swift, "Bad Blood"
Best Male Video: Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars, "Uptown Funk"

Best Female Video: Taylor Swift, "Blank Space"
Best Hip-Hop Video: Nicki Minaj, "Anaconda"

Best Pop Video: Taylor Swift, "Blank Space"
Best Rock Video: Fall Out Boy, "Uma Thurman"
Artist To Watch: Fetty Wap, "Trap Queen"

Video With a Social Message: Big Sean feat. Kanye West and John Legend, "One Man Can Change The World"
Song Of The Summer: 5 Seconds of Summer, "She's Kinda Hot"
Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award: Kanye West

Hot Links from The NY Post

Best and Worst of the VMAs

Everyone at the VMAs Looked Insane

Kanye West Delivers Most Epic Award Show Speech Ever

Photo source: Pollack man34 - Wikimedia Commons

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Know Rob's 1D Playlist, Win A 1D Bills Jersey And 1D Tix!

Wake up with Rob Lucas In The Morning Monday and write down/remember every One Direction song we play MONDAY 6--9a AND TUESDAY 6--8a!   They'll be lots of 1D songs...maybe even back to back, and some you haven't heard in awhile!    

Just 5 hours of listening is all it takes to win!   The first One Direction song in the playlist could go as early as 6am Monday Morning!  Good Luck!
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Shania Twain Birthday Ticket Special!

In honor of her 50th birthday, Shania Twain is celebrating with fans and offering select tickets for $50 to her show at First Niagara Center on October 3rd.  The Rock This Country special promotion will start on Shania’s birthday, Friday, August 28th at 10:00 am and continue through Monday, August 31st at 10:00 pm. Click here for the Birthday Ticket Special!
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National Pooch Day!

Happy National Dog Day! To celebrate our furry best friends check these ways to make this the BEST dog day EVER!

List created by the
National Dog Day official website!

1. Adopt a dog from your local shelter or pure breed rescue organization. Volunteer at your local shelter and offer to walk a dog or play with a dog, clean cages or anything else they need help with.

 2. Have a safety check of your home to make sure it's safe for your dog and others.
 3. Donate blankets, food and toys to animal welfare organizations.
 4. Organize a peaceful demonstration in front of your community pet store that sells puppies.
 5. Write your Congressman and ask that he/she support the ban of Puppy Mills and Gas Chambers in your state.
 6. Order an adorable dog shaped flower arrangement from 1-800-Flowers.com and enjoy a 10% discount by using code GOODLIVING when placing your order!
 7. Have a National Dog Day party and invite all your friends and their dogs!
 8. Spend the day taking photos of your dog and then enter our photo contest!
 9. Buy an official National Dog Day Tee here and sport it proudly!
 10. Assist an ill or elderly neighbor by walking their dog.
 11. Have a portrait painted of your dog to suspend the fleeting magic of dogdom.
 12. Buy your dog a fun new dog toy....or two...or five.
 13. Give your dog some fun exercise by taking him or her to a doggy play resort.
 15. Brush your dog to eliminate excess fur.
 16. Give your dog a massage or holistic spa treatment.
 17. Teach your dog a new trick.
 18. Buy your dog a fashionable collar and leash.
 19. Hire a professional pet photographer for a fun photo shoot.
 20. Take your dog to the beach.
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Paul McCartney Hits Buffalo October 22nd! First Time Ever!

Paul McCartney's OUT THERE tour rolls into First Niagara Center Thursday October 22nd...Paul's FIRST EVER Buffalo performance! 

Tickets go on sale Monday, August 31 at 10 a.m.

American Express® Card Members can purchase tickets before the general public beginning Thursday August 27 at 10AM EST through Sunday August 30 at 10PM EST.
Keep checking PaulMcCartney.com for ticket updates and tons of VIP Packages.
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Video Blast From The Past! Friends Intro Windows 95!

Remember this from 20 years ago? Warning...video is 56 minutes long, see how long you can last!

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Things I Thought While On Vacation..

It was kind of a weird week off.  Didn’t go anywhere, unless you count the Fallsview Casino, where I had a few good hours of blackjack and ended up winning about $60 American (which is just about enough to get a new Shop-Vac for the basement…god I’m becoming my dad!).  My wife is into the final 9 weeks of schooling at the New York Institute of Massage and unable to travel, so I knew this would be a putter around the house and catch up on sleep sort of  week.  Here are some things I thought along the way:
  • So this is why so many people are happy and joyous at 6pm, while I just normally want to go to bed!
  • So this is what it feels like to do yard work on a hot day and not need a nap when you’re done.
  • I didn't look at any morning show tweets or blog posts while I was off.  I trust my Producers to do good things when I'm gone.  Sort of... 
  • Watching the Mets blow a lead isn’t any better while on vacation than it is while working. 
  • I cleared so many goofy old things off the DVR, but it is still 57% full.  Is it STUCK on that number?
  • It’s good to unplug from all social media for a week.  It forces you to slow  down and get perspective. 
  • I need a new laptop.  15” screen is too small.  
  • I know they need to make $$$ with ads, but all those moving videos/pop up ads/who-knows-what-else make The Buffalo News and NY Daily News websites virtually unreadable on my laptop.  If I get one more “Stop Script or Continue” message…
  • The NY Post website gets it right.  Not all the time, but much more than the previously mentioned digital papers
  • Other than to see if rain would affect something I was doing outdoors, I barely paid attention to ANY weather reports.  A nice change from giving weather about 4x an hour every day 6—9AM Monday through Friday on the radio.  I can only imagine how TV Meteorologists feel when on vaca.  They must think “I don’t know if it’ll rain, and I don’t care.”   
  • For the past 3 years I’ve been saying how I’ve been a fan of Donald Trump forever, and have taken a lot of hits for it from co-workers and listeners.  I don’t agree with everything he says (John McCain IS a hero), but what I’ve said all along is coming to fruition.  “If you take his thoughts, and have them come from someone OTHER than Trump, and they were delivered in a slightly less confrontational way, you would consider that person a strong Presidential candidate.”  I’ve said that soooo many times.  Glad to see that people are now getting it.  I only fear that Donald WILL go too far and say something goofy that even his big fans will hate, or the TV media (and print too….THE NY DAILY NEWS has been brutal on him) will have a field day with that it can falsely sway public opinion.  And yes, the media DOES have that power.
  • Celebrity or Non-Celebrity Apprentice should NOT go on without Donald.  Won’t be the same.  Also, anybody who watched The Apprentice for pure entertainment is missing out.  From the very first season, till present, The Apprentice has been a fabulous teaching tool in how to act, and react, when under pressure.  Image and style is half the battle when trying to get your point across.
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Feel Good Friday Video: One Direction Drag Me Down!

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11 Jobs EVERYONE Should Work In Their Lives

Honestly, how many of these have you've worked?  You probably learned a lot, from how to handle customers complaining to trying to get through the weekend off of tips from the diner you worked at!  Check out
11 Jobs Everyone Should Be Required To Work Once In Their Lives brought to you by Distractify.com!

Photo Credit: girochantal via Pixabay

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US Airways Announces Final Flight Number US 1939

It's happening...US Airways & American Airlines announced back in 2013 their planned merger, and today the once rivals are coming close together.
For almost 20 years US Airways was the #1 carrier in Buffalo, and the airlines last day of US operations has been announced.

Photo Credit: skeeze via pixabay

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Office Problems We Have ALL Had

Office woes?  We all know that feeling in the office...you swear you put your lunch in the fridge and then the lunch bandit steals it. C'mon Man!! Definitely, check out these

23 Pictures That Are WAYYYY Too Real For People Who Work In Offices.

Photo Credit: fancycrave1 via Pixabay

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Road Trip! Destination: Buffalo!

With the fair in town, it's safe to say summer is winding down...However there's still plenty left do with so many new things popping up in Buffalo!  Get out there and try the Water Bikes at Canalside, Paddle Board Yoga, and of course lots of new restaurants and bars to enjoy! 
Check out this list of compiled by Trib Live to start making your plans!
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Rachel Platten To Star At Pink Party! This Video Shows Why...

We are soooo psyched to have Rachel Platten headline Pink Party 2015, October 7th at Statler City.  FIGHT SONG means so much, to so many, and here's another reason why Rachel is the perfect fit for this Roswell Park / Breast Cancer research benefit:

With the hopes of educating the general public about metastatic breast cancer, cancer fighter Holley Kitchen created a homemade PSA set to  “Fight Song.” The video resonated with viewers and has reached 40 million views in just 4 days.
  Watch the amazing story as told on ABC's Good Morning America. 

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Derulo & Bryan The Perfect Duo- Want To Want Me

Photo Credit: Kmeron via Flickr
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What Do You Think About At The Gym?

How bad/good you look?  How goofy someone else looks?  What you'll eat AFTER your workout?  Yep, you've probably thought of most of the things listed in this
hilarious one-click read from Distractify!

Photo Credit: marybettiniblank via Pixabay

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