Cheryl Stone

Hi, my name is Cheryl and I like naps, cookies and Mickey Mouse.....and also - STAR102.5 is the best radio station in the whole world Read More

John Anthony

This is my dream job: evening DJ (always the best shift in my mind) on a station that plays my favorite music. I also program a station that airs across the country (Subterranean - known as The Lake in Buffalo). Yeah, I'll have a tough time ever topping this. Unless I can become a professional in... Read More

Rob Lucas

“Morning radio that features music doesn’t have to be boring and background. My job is to make sure listeners learn something they didn’t know, feel inspired, laugh out loud, and hear their favorite song, all before they get to work…or maybe while they are at work. Rob Lucas In The Morning isn’t... Read More

Roger Christian

Roger takes you through the workday with Trivial Trivia and great music to make the workday go faster. Read More

Sue O'Neil

Sue gets you home with traffic, what the weather is going to be like and fun! From Wine Wednesday to Finally Friday. Afternoons with Sue Read More

Weekend Top 30 with Hollywood Hamilton

In 1997, Sean Hamilton created Weekend Top 30 with Hollywood Hamilton, a three-hour radio countdown program with unique twists, huge celebrity interviews and, of course, the 30 biggest hits of the week. Priding itself on not being your regular cliché countdown, Hamilton says, “It’s fun, it moves... Read More