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I love Verizon, but...

I've been a Verizon cell phone customer for many years, and have had a USB "air card" modem for some years for my laptop too.  A few month's ago I upgraded to the 4G USB  air card because, as they state, of the "lightning" fast downloads.  It's been very good so far, BUT we don't have 4G service here in the Buffalo area?  I've called their tech support line a few times about this, it's always connected to South Carolina and they've assured me that all NFL markets have 4G already but I tell them we have the Buffalo Bills and DON'T have 4G service...they don't have an answer.  I've asked if they can tell when Buffalo will be connected with 4G service, they say "we're not on the roll-out until sometime NEXT YEAR" and they can't be specific when it will happen.  I had to laugh last week when Saratoga Springs got 4G Verizon Service, making New York City, Rochester, Elmira the 4G markets in New York State (by the way even Erie, PA has 4G service)?  The saga continues...thanks for letting me vent...I feel a whole lot better now!

07/27/2011 8:53AM
I love Verizon, but...
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