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Olympic Bobsled Gold Medalist Steve Mesler...

Steve visited out studios Wednesday morning. We get a lot of celebrities that visit our seven stations, but Steve was by far the one everyone was most excited to meet. Especially our traffic (commercial scheduling) department... And as you can see, Steve didn't come alone - he also had his Gold Medal with him! Which is a "he" as I learned during an interview he did with WBEN's Barbara Burns - LOL! Steve is very down to earth and definitely deserving of that Olympic Gold Medal (along with his entire Night Train team). Amidst the three other interviews he did in our building, I also got the chance to talk with him for the Star 102.5 morning show. I aired the interview in three parts scattered through the morning show. Here's the full interview.
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A few final Winter Olympics videos...

First off, congrats to Steve Mesler & the rest of his team for getting the Gold in 4-Man Bobsled on Saturday! Here's an interview Steve did with Channel 2 the other day. And here's Steve and his teammate Justin talking about bobsledding from an interview they did before the Olympics... Speaking of bobsledding, I just saw this video of one of the members of the Russian team getting a little too excited over the Canadian sled crashing. Notice how he immediately changes his mood when he's reminded there's cameras on him. And all throughout, his teammate is stunned.
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