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Get ready for hoverboards!
All thanks to quantum levitation and Israelian scientists. In this video, they show off how a frozen disc of special material can float and tilt in mid air using super magnets. They can even make it float around a circular track. It's only a matter of time before hoverboards start appearing at Target!
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The Funnel Bacakonator...
If you're wondering how to pronounce bacakonator, it's "bay cake un ay tur". If you're wondering what it is, it's a funnel cake covered in chocolate sauce and lots of crumbled up BACON!!! It debuted at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina and my new lifelong dream is for the Funnel Bacakonator to make it's way to Buffalo. It's super healthy at only 1,300 calories and 77 grams of fat. See this awesomeness and learn more about it on the Time Newsfeed website. Yes, Time Magazine (the serious news magazine) did an article about it. So this must be bigtime excitement worthy of worldwide attention.
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Lady Gaga, a sheep & a talk show...
Nothing else needs to be said...
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