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Wang Chung & The Fixx free concert July 25th!

Wang Chung's Nick Feldman & Jack HuesIt's at Thursday At Canalside.

Nick Feldman - on the left in the 80's picture - is the bass player & founder of Wang Chung (lead singer Jack Hues is the other constant in the group).

I talked with Nick earlier and got all 80's music geeky on him asking about the different song versions (I own all the 12" singles and many of the alternate mixes).  Also asked about the song endings.

That song ending topic is always a mystery to me.  If a song fades away and doesn't have a proper ending, do they even bother recording an end to it in the studio?  His answer made sense, but I'm still left wondering.

The meaning of Wang Chung was answered for Deb and then the topic was quickly changed to an album title question from Jason.

Nick also talked about the group's popularity in the UK (where they've only had one top 40 hit versus nine here) and how Wang Chung has managed to survive well over 30 years now!

Here's the full 8-plus minute interview...

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New Music - Mark Owen's Stars...

His solo music is always good.  Weird video this time and I like how the abandoned Berlin amusement park ferris wheel is in it...

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New Music - Alive by Empire Of The Sun...

An anthem type song with a big look to the video reminds me a little of Duran Duran's Wild Boys...

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