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New Music - Necessary Evil by Nikki Yanofsky...

This took all of three seconds for me to love it.  I've heard her name, but couldn't remember who she was.  Turns out she was the singer of the 2010 Olympics song "I Believe" (which I was a fan of).

This is her new single from her latest CD "LIttle Secret"...
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New Music - The Moment I Found You by Da Buzz...

This was one of my favorite groups about 10 or so years ago.  Then they kind of disappeared.  Happy to see they're back and still sound awesome...


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New Music - All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor...

It took about 10 seconds for this to get stuck in my head.  Now I can't get it out!  But totally worth it...


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New Music - Taste You Like Yogurt by Whatchya...

Not really brand new, but new to me.  One of my friends forwarded this to me and now I can't get the nightmare out of my head.  It's awful in a good & totally insane way with the video putting it over the top...
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