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Sitting in yet another meeting.....multi tasking...Some of these meetings we have at our workplace are know, where they read everything on an overhead projector, like you're an idiot....You probably have the same thing happen at your workplace.  I feel ya! Too much fun at Social Nightclub Saturday night with Uncle Kracker!  He walks in, bellies up to the bar and orders a beer.  Love it!  No entourage, no security detail...just hanging out and meeting listeners.  He took the stage at 9pm sharp and killed it for 30 minutes.  He did the Rehab song and Kid Rock's "All Summer Long"  everyone in the club was singing along.  Loved it.  We then all headed over to Pure Nightclub....then it got  ugly.  I ended up at Jim's Steakout and chowed a loaded hoagie.  God those are good. Still doing Pilates.  Haven't lost weight, but can see that I am building muscle and becoming more toned.  Its hard to do Pilates.  It doesn't look like it, but, trust me it is.  I've been sore everyday.  It never gets easier if you do it right.  But, its a great stress buster!  We could all use that huh? Ordered my seeds, hoping they come this week, so I can start growing them in my basement.  I know, I'm a geek

02/17/2010 7:13AM
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