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Most Hated Business Terms! How Many Do You Use?

Thinking Out Of The Box.  Putting Out Fires.  Game Changer.  Synergy.

AOL says these are among the 25 most hated business terms
Are you guilty of overusing any of them? For me, it's "Heads Up!" Probably because I grew up playing baseball.  Although this list is great, I think they missed the biggest overused term, and one that drives me crazy:  "It Is What It Is."  Gosh I hate that!  Too often it's used when people simply don't know what to say, and it's the equivalent of saying nothing, or stating the obvious. So please stop... atleast while I'm in the room.

05/07/2013 5:33AM
Most Hated Business Terms! How Many Do You Use?
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05/07/2013 2:15PM
Most Hated Business Terms
At the end of the day.....
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