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My Blackberry addiction

So Sunday night I set my Blackberry on my dining room table.  Monday it had a white screen with a JVM102 message.  I took it to AT&T and was told it was dead.  I had to  get a new phone.  I lost everything.  Pictures.  Passwords. Contacts.   At that  point I just cried.  And anyone who knows me, knows that's not something I do often.  For two days I felt lost, naked and all out of sorts.  It was pathetic.  Long story made short...I recovered my contacts but lost everything else.  I now know that I check my e mail over 50 times a day and text about 10 times a day.  I now know to backup my phone and then back it up again.  I also know that I have a Blackberry addiction.  I also know I am not alone.

06/10/2011 7:35AM
My Blackberry addiction
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