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New Music - Beggin For Thread by BANKS...

Awesome singer and the song gets stuck in your head almost immediately...

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New Music - Do You Remember Me by Morten Harket...

a-ha has always been one of my favorite groups. They split a few years ago. I finally got to see them live during their final tour at Massey Hall in Toronto. After all those years, Morten Harket (the lead singer) could still hit all the notes. Impressive.

He just released a new solo song. Once you get past some strange vocal effects in the beginning (which a-ha used occasionally too), you can hear the distinctive voice that made Take On Me the greatest song of all time -- which if you debate that, you're wrong :)

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New Music - You + Me by P!nk & Dallas Green...

P!nk's gone mellow country! VERY different from all her past hits...
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New Music - Superheroes by The Script...

This is the first single from their new album - love it!
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New Music - Fly Away by Alex Kunnari, Jimmy W & Jacob Luttrell...

A random song from Finland I ran across while bouncing around YouTube.

Seems it was out on some compilations a year ago, but now the finished version (which is far better) is being released.

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New Music - Never Gone by Andee...

A great song out of Quebec (which explains all the French in the YouTube comments)...

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New Music - My Love by Kuba Oms...

I instantly loved this song (rare for me).

Kuba Oms says one of the subjects he focuses on with his new album is how technology has jumped ahead fast at the expense of our humanity.  True, but I'm not a fan of being beaten down by a message in a song.  Luckily, that doesn't happen here...

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New Music - Wicked Wonderland by Martin Tungevaag...

Cool sounding song.  Took a listen or two before it grew on me, now I love it...

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New Music - Wild Roses by John De Sohn

Out of Sweden, a perfect summer song...

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New Music - Crystallize by Kylie Minogue...

Kylie is awesome.  That is all.


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