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Rob Lucas In The Morning

On Demand: Hanson In Studio With RLITM!

What an awesome time with Hanson this morning!  They stopped by to chat up their new album Anthem and new single Get The Girl Back, and to break Rob's lie...Taylor owes me $$$! Hope you got your VIP invite for their STAR Listeners only show at Giancarlo's in the Walker Ctr! 



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04/17/2013 9:38AM
On Demand: Hanson In Studio With RLITM!
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04/17/2013 6:14PM
Hanson Private show ????
I was disappointed to see that Hanson did not have a Buffalo date on their upcoming Anthem Tour (could this be why?), and now a friend of mine (who is a star VIP) tells me they are doing a private appearance tonight....PRIVATE?!?! I am enraged to hear of this news. I have waited three years for them to return to the area, and I am denied the opportunity because I can't listen to star 102.5 to even know about this appearance?? I have to sit in an office all day listening to 92.9 Jack FM because my boss says so! I am furious! There was nothing about this "special appearance" on their website, nor could I locate any news on their face book page.... I know radio stations have special contests every now and then, but typically they are open to the general public and this is just insane. I can't even comprehend my own rage right now well enough to articulate it in an educated comment.
04/17/2013 7:06PM
Sad Canadian Listener.
Also a little sad to hear that your Canadian listeners were not allowed to win tickets to this private Hanson show. I listen to you regularly and even emailed two differnent people about this weeks before Hanson was getting to the station and didn't hear anything back. Give ALL of your listener's a chance to win.
04/17/2013 9:05PM
still enraged
I think that you should hold a "do-over" ... or just add a Buffalo NY tour date to your Anthem Tour. Sincerely - the pissed off person in comment 1.
04/22/2013 10:29PM
A bit of hope for the still enraged listener
I'm fairly certain that Hanson are planning on announcing additional tour dates in a few weeks, so don't despair just yet.
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