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On Demand Video: Taylor Swift Joins The Rolling Stones


Man, people are really ripping Taylor Swifts cameo with The Rolling Stones on Monday Night.  Check the tweets below.  At the same time, Taylor is polarizing, brings out all the haters.  I thought she did fine (the audio on the first video is better), but the question I have it WHAT SIZE WAS THAT OUTFIT?  If Taylor is a size 2, this has to be a MINUS 4 Petite!  I'm betting even Mick thought "Oh gosh...I can't look at that.  Taylor PLEEEZE put something else on.  If you were my granddaughter..."

Here are some fan Tweets from RADAR Online:

Taylor Swift just butchered "as years go by." Sad. But a great show tonight.

Taylor Swift cannot harmonize to save her life. Bless her soul. Poor Mick had to try and save that song.

She looked a helluva lot better than she sang.

Rolling Stones were great- not Taylor Swift,she was bad

ew taylor swift get off the stage and stop ruining this song. sincerely, everyone.

Taylor swift was late for the stones concert, that's why they started a damn hour late. You're performing w the stones, how are you late?

I was there- It was great- except for Taylor Swift- my ears still hurt

So happy I decided to get a beer RT @chicagotribune Taylor Swift sings with the Rolling Stones at the United Center

Taylor Swift. Looking Great. Sounding, not so good. Stones looking not so good. sounding pretty damn…

what have i done to deserve the horrifyingly cruel punishment of having to see taylor swift sing with the rolling stones tonight?

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06/05/2013 5:35AM
Taylor Swift Joins The Rolling Stones
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06/05/2013 8:01AM
Modesty is a lost art
The song itself wasn't that bad...I think sometimes it's hard to blend classic rock with today's pop. What is appalling is her attire. I'm not saying Taylor should stray from her generation but for god's sake, COVER UP! Havesome respect for your body Taylor & teach the girls who look up to you that you don't have to show every inch of skin from your ankle to your nose to be beautiful.
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