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Praise to an air traffic controller!

is the website to hear the incredible audio from The US Airways A320 Airbus that Captain "Sully" Sullenberger piloted into the Hudson River last month.

We will undoubtedly hear a lot, in interviews this week, from Captain SULLY but I'd just like to give a hero shout-out to PATRICK HARTEN the Air Traffic Controller that spoke with the doomed flight on that day. Patrick, a 10 year veteran of TRACON ( New York Terminal Radar Approach Control) based in Westbury, NY that handles arriving and departing air traffic for New York area airports for about a 40 mile radius did a yeoman's job in trying to facilitate Flight 1549 either back to La Guardia or other area airports before it dipped into the Hudson River. As you can hear on the recordings Patrick "kept his cool" too while the entire incident was unfolding, even though you could hear a little "tension" in his voice...quite a job on that historic day!

02/07/2009 3:19PM
Praise to an air traffic controller!
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