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Star Smart Health tips

Hi, I’m Sue O’neil with another Star Smart Health tip, there are many different beauty uses for lemons. Lemon juice can be used to brighten your hair, whiten your nails and freshen your face. Next time you’re out in the sun, apply lemon juice directly to strands to highlight hair, its works as well as ever. Ever have nail polish yellow your nail? Well, squeeze a lemon into a small dish and soak your nails for only a few minutes to remove the stains. It’s a legendary folk remedy that lemons can be used to lighten age spots and freckles. Apply juice to a cotton ball once a day to lighten spots for a few weeks. Lastly, lemon juice is a natural astringent. So instead of using your regular toner, apply a few drips of lemon juice to a cotton ball in replace of your toner. Read these Star Smart Health tips on my blog at
Hi, Sue O’neil with another Star Smart Health tip, did you know lemon juice can be used to freshen many aspects of your body? Have existing flakes that won’t seems to go away? Lemon juice doesn’t prevent dandruff, but it’s a great way to remove those extra flakes. Massage lemon juice into your scalp, leave in for ten minute, and continue to shampoo as usual. For a good body exfoliator, Mix one part lemon juice with two parts each of salt and olive oil to create an all-natural body scrub. Next time you are out of deodorant, lemon juice is the perfect emergency deodorant! The citric acid in lemon juice kills odor-causing bacteria, so just rub a little under your arms. Lemon juice rinse is a natural way to cleanse product buildup. Pour a mix that's one part water and one part juice over hair and let sit for one minute before rinsing. Read these Star Smart Health tips on my blog at
Hi, Sue O’neil with another Star Smart Health tip, lemons can be very helpful around the house with very simply cleaning tasks. Have stains in fabrics that’s won’t come out? Almost every stain can be removed with lemon juice. For those tougher stains, create a mix with salt and for delicates, saturate the stain with lemon juice alone and rinse. Lemon juice can be used for jewelry polishers. All you have to do is cut a lemon in half and dip in salt. That causes the perfect combination of chemical and physical abrasiveness to clean brass, steel and copper. Read these Star Smart Health tips on my blog at
Hi, Sue O’neil with another Star Smart Health tip, here are a few healthy vegetables to toss into your next salad. Add some raw broccoli, not only does it add crunch, but nutrients found only in plants. Jicama also adds crunch and fiber with a delicious flavor. Shredded carrots are the perfect way to add some color into your salad. Radishes are great because they add zest, potassium, and vitamin C. Add some white, red and even pink varieties to add some more color. Mushrooms are becoming more popular every day. They add an earthy taste and texture as well as minerals. Try some newer varieties of cabbage, like Bok Choy. If you like onions, toss in some of those. It adds spice depth to salads. Herbs are a great way new addition to salad ingredients. So if you have an herb garden, go pick whatever is green and leafy. Read these Star Smart Health tips on my blog at
Hi, Sue O’neil with another Star Smart Health tip, ever feel like you need a lift during the day? Well try these round the clock energy booster. As soon as you open your eyes, allow yourself to get at least two minutes of bright light. Start your breakfast off with a banana. Bananas increase your energy twenty percent for two hours straight. For a little extra get up and go, break up some bananas into your favorite cereal. After sitting at a desk for a while, do thirty second stretches, which will give you a great energy boost. Grab a piece of mint gum. The act of chewing, combined with the strong scent of mint, has been shown to boost alertness within three minute. Just by standing up straight, smiling and making eye contact will trick the brain and give you more energy. Not only does this give you that boost, but it makes you look great. Read these Star Smart Health tips on my blog at

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07/26/2013 2:00PM
Star Smart Health tips
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