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RLITM 10 Thoughts On Timberlake

-JT came on at 8:45...not a bad pre-concert wait...great vibe!

-Did a "We Owe The City of Buffalo" right after the first song,  then mentioned "Buffalo" about 26 the first half alone!  Huge followup to his Fallon show apology including guaranteeing the "Jimmy Hot Stone Massage" about 7 songs in.  Great stuff!

-The band was soooo hot. The staging is so intense, almost to the point of sensory overload, but just
short enough of it to not be distracting.  Justin has a GREAT voice...can do it all.  I only wish we could hear it better.  The sound is very muddled.  At times his voice mix is so buried and bassy that the lyrics aren't clear.  Not the worst concert sound ever, but far from the best

- Didn't sit all night...the most I've stood since a Springsteen Darien Lake show about a decade ago.  Neither has anyone else.  It's that type of show

-Staging is incredible, but lighting is a little on the dark side (by design).  Just wish we had a few more bright, clear looks at Justin's and the band's faces.

-Incredible choreography.  Justin is all sweepy legs!  About 4x tonite I've thought "He looks like he's breaking into an SNL "Come on down to liquorville" sketch dance!

-The 10 minute intermision was a nice touch.  Perfect length.  Although for women, I think it's just enough time to get in line for the bathroom, but not enough time to actually get inside and do your business!

-Seeing LOTS of pregnant women tonite.  One was mentioned by Justin and featured on the big screen.  Thought from my wife: "I bet when the show was 5 months ago many of them thought they would still be able to fit into their fav party dress!"  Looks like lots of wardrobe changes happened when he postponed.

-JT does a shot in tribute to Ralph Wilson!  Who would have seen THAT coming?  Another nice move to make the pain of postponing go if it hadn't already!

-Awesome show!  I can't see how anyone would think they didn't get what they paid for tonite.  Justin was exactly as you wanted Justin to be.  And that's all you can ask for!
  Although a cameo from Jessica Biel Timberlake would have been nice!


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07/10/2014 5:27AM
RLITM 60 sec JT Concert Review
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