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Reality Show Mania...

The Mole - the greatest reality show ever.

Based on the TV ratings last week, I'm not in the majority on this. I read an article the other day that said last week’s American Idol premiere was watched by about 15% of the US population.

I didn't want to devote four hours a week to watching American Idol this year. But after those first two episodes, I can’t resist.

Being at work when it’s on, I tape it and watch later. Skipping through all the boring previews and set-ups, the show is half as long. Plus, who wants to miss the all request 80’s At 8 and 9-O’Clock Night Nights on Star 102.5 (naturally, I gotta plug my shift that has the unfortunate luck of being opposite this ratings beast).

Anyways, seems to me Randy is trying to be like Simon this year, but it’s just coming off as mean. And as much as I like Paula Abdul, something is very wrong with her lately.

As for Simon - I've got to respect him. Yeah, he’s rude sometimes, but he’s the only one telling the brutal, honest truth about the contestants. And I believe about 75% of those people auditioning know they have no singing talent and are just out for a few seconds of TV time.

Speaking of the contestants - it seems nobody cares about them this time around. This year, it's all about the judges. Simon’s “bush baby” comment last week proves that. And if you’re wondering exactly what a bush baby is...

Looks like Simon was right.

If you actually do want to know more about the people trying out for American Idol, check out http://deathbycamera.com

And once the season gets going, get ready to have some fun with this website: http://votefortheworst.com

01/22/2007 12:16PM
Reality Show Mania...
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