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Reality turns ugly...

I never bothered watching Top Chef on Bravo. If I was randomly flipping through the channels, I’d stop on it but I wouldn’t actively search it out.

Until last week.

Reports on Reality Blurred and Television Without Pity were saying something crazy had happened on the show. Producers, cover-ups, and scandal were involved. I now needed to see this show.

I previously thought it was more a serious chef competition and less reality show. As I’m not into cooking (about all I can “cook” is toast and macaroni), I wasn’t interested. But the episode that aired last week changed my mind.

One of the contestants (Marcel) was sleeping on the couch. Another contestant (Cliff) woke Marcel up by dragging him off the couch, putting him into a half-nelson hold and pulling him around the room while other contestants contemplated shaving his head. All while on national TV. People are so stupid.

Cliff was punished in as best a way the producers could. And hopefully, his reputation will be destroyed by this incident.

The head judge (Tom Colicchio) wanted to send all the contestants involved in the attack home, leaving Marcel to win the competition by default. The producers stepped in and said no. Read Tom’s blog for more details.

This entire idiotic incident has suddenly made the show interesting. True reality TV (watching a standard & routine life or event) is too boring to watch. Add drama and suddenly it's watchable. I'll be watching to hopefully see the outcast win and the others go down in flames.

Top Chef 2 concludes its run Wednesday nights 1/24 & 1/31 at 10:00pm EST on Bravo.

01/23/2007 9:06AM
Reality turns ugly...
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