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Rob?s Book Club Pick: Emily & Einstein UPDATE

Last week I told you about picking up the book "Emily & Einstein" by Linda Francis Lee, for my wife, on a whim.  Read my original blog post here.

My wife is now about half way thru the book and says as odd as the premise is, it is a great read!  She can’t wait to get back to it at night. So what is the premise?  A woman loses her husband early on in life; only to find out he was not that great of a husband….cheated on his wife, almost had a double life. However, he asked for a second chance at the pearly gates, is given one and is brought back to earth as a dog, who ends up with his wife. Eventually she realizes this along the way. 

As crazy and “Life Time” movie-ish as it sounds, it’s a really good story especially when he describes what it’s like being a dog: Waking up in a shelter, smelling all those hideous dog shelter smells, relying on other people to feed him, and having to relieve himself in front of others! Sounds like the perfect punishment for the imperfect husband!

Don’t worry, I won’t post a future post letting you know how it ends, but my wife says it actually makes you think how you treat your own dog.  It’s turned out to be a great book and has the Rob (and Linda) Lucas Seal of approval!

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03/12/2013 6:36AM
Rob’s Book Club Pick: Emily & Einstein UPDATE
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