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11 Reasons Skinny Jeans Are The Absolute WORST!
How can skinny jeans be so good, yet so bad?

RLITM's producer Meghan says "If we have to jump, wiggle, squat or hold our breath to put on an article of clothing, maybe we shouldn't be wearing it!"

The Huffington Post has 11 Reasons Skinny Jeans Are the Absolute Worst! Meghan also wonders "When we say 'skinny jeans are comfy,' are we lying?

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On Demand Video: What It's Really Like At The Gym

The folks from Buzzfeed have done it again!  A MUST WATCH...

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Craig Ferguson Leaving Late Late Show

For more on Craig leaving the Late Late Show click and
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New Train Music Soon...

Erie, PA's Pat Monahan says Train will have another album soon!  He says fans can expect a new single in June, with a new album coming in September.

The band
revealed the news on Twitter, and Pat  further elaborated on the band's new music in his blog, saying he was happy with the material they've come up with. 

"There are some good ones," he said of the new Train songs.  "I’m starting to get excited. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this way. This record has clawed at my soul, brought loss, change and periods of trouble and illness. But here I stand and I say that this thing might be the best I’ve done. Definitely the best that I can do right now. That’s always the goal."

RLITM has always thought that Train are a very underrated band. Pat Monahan's writing is not only clever, but deep. Their song "Cab" reminds of us Harry Chapin's "Taxi" not only in topic but in the way it's written. And if you ever seen Train live, you know that they can play anything from Led Zeppelin to rock versions of dancey pop songs.  You always come away from a Train show feeling GREAT!

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