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Rob's Fun. Weekend in NYC...Eataly!

While prepping for our quickie trip to NYC, (check out the Fun. concert pics here), my wife discovered Eataly, at the corner of 23rd and 5th, right across from Madison Square Park (Park, not Garden). 
“OMG!”as one person wrote on; Eataly is a wet dream for foodies.
Imagine 50,000 square ft of Italy in the heart of NYC – all indoors.  At first I thought it would be like the food pavilion at the CNE or state fair... how WRONG I was. 
It's everything Little Italy has to offer in one building (minus the Christmas lights being up 365 days a year).  Eataly is a combination of Italian Markets where locals get veggies and pastas for cooking that night’s meal, mixed in with individual Bistros, some specializing in pizzas, others in cheeses, some in deli sandwiches. 
Linda had a pizza with Buffalo Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, and the most incredible prosciutto on a thin crust. I had some souped-up version of rigatoni… Ungodly. 
Eataly in New York is based on the original Eataly in Turin, Italy and is backed by a group led by Mario Batali, who aptly describes it as an Italian market with tasting rooms. 
Here's the Wikipedia history.
People were taking pictures of their foods all over, just as you'll see in my Eataly Facebook photo album. (If you're not friends with me already, you can subscribe to my page! I'm full up on friends.)  In fact, they encourage you to take pictures and it's not just the tourists that do it.  If you’re heading to New York a stop at Eataly is a MUST.  Especially if the weather prevents you from going to Little Italy as it did to us. 
By the way, it also has the endorsement of a fairly famous Buffalonian – Mayor Masiello! 
When Sue O'Neil found out that we went to Eataly, she told me how she found it by chance about a year or so ago when she ran into the Mayor in NYC (you can't go anywhere and NOT see someone from Buffalo!), and he recommended it. 
For a great New York City walking tour, I suggest you walk down from Rock Center along 5th Avenue, where you see all the swanky shops and department stores (the 28 blocks goes really fast), and after hitting Eataly, walk back North along Broadway, which runs into 5th just North of Eataly.  Broadway, though just two blocks over from 5th, is a totally different world.  Think "Don’t Mess With The Zohan" - a little crazy, but very safe.  And it'll take you right into Times Square!

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02/06/2013 7:25AM
Rob's Fun. Weekend in NYC...Eataly!
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02/06/2013 9:36AM
On my list!
I have wanted to go to Eataly ever since I first read about it, but haven't been there yet. I saw previously that they also offer cooking classes & you negelected to mention it is also a joint venture with Lidia Bastianich. Your review has renewed my interest in getting to this very neat place--especially since I am a foodie. Laura
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