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Rob Lucas In The Morning

Rob's Fun. Weekend in NYC!

Had a whirlwind 22 hours in New York City in which we hit what is the Super Bowl of Italian foods, EATALY at 23rd and 5th (more on that in another post), and the main reason we did the see Fun. at Radio City Music Hall. 

Very simply, this concert was the best concert I have seen by a new band, since the early stages of Matchbox Twenty.  And yes, I realize some will criticize me for calling them a "new" band...since they've been together for almost a decade, and are on their second album.  But truth be told, most of America is still discovering them, and even many people heavy into music did not even know they existed until early last year.  Many will be seeing them perform live for the first time on The Grammys.  To me...that still means you can call them "new." 

Fun. at Radio City Highlights:

  • Nate Reuss just might be the next Mick Jagger.  Not quite as frantic...but the energy, crowd control, knowing how to use a mic, and stage leadership is the same.
  • This band is incredibly talented, and can play anything, including You Can't Always Get What You Want, which was their 2nd encore (see...I told you Nate was the next Mick!).  Oh and yes,Andrew Dost did play the flugelhorn open on it.  Spot on!
  • When they broke into SOME NIGHTS, which opened the first encore, it was quite possibly the greatest single song concert reaction from an audience I've seen live save for when Springsteen performs Born To Run.  6,000 people and band were one, and having it happen in such an historic venue as Radio City Music Hall, it was goose bump time.  You truly felt that that 3 bouncing balconies would come down at any moment.  I know the Born To Run comparison is high praise, but it's simply the truth.
  • On stage, they simply are having FUN.  The vibe of "We can't believe this is happening to us...and we're just gonna ride the wave" just oozes from them.  So many times during the show, Nate just stood, and could not stop smiling...and applauding the entire arena.  He remarked more than a few times how unbeleivable their ride has been...and how special it was to play in their hometown...(even though he's originally from L.A.), espeically in a venue they could only dream of performing in just a few years ago.
  • This show was so good, it was one of those shows that makes you understand why people follow bands around the country, seeing them tens if not hundreds of times.
For concert pics, click my Fun. at Radio City Facebook Photo album.  I've hit my limit with friends, so you'll need to subscribe to my page to see them.

As I type this, Fun. has just announced a 2013 Summer tour including stops at Finger Lakes and Toronto.  By the end of the tour, they will have been on the road for two years straight.  Should give them some writing material for their next album!
I hope they kill at the Grammys.  Not that it matters...I'm betting they'll be around much longer than some of the other acts that do win. And they'll still be having Fun.

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02/04/2013 6:52PM
A Fun. Weekend in NYC!
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