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SNITG Artist Reveal #3...Sara Bareilles!

Starry Night In The Garden 2013...presented by Dunkin' Donuts

You know Youngblood Hawke and Ginny Blackmore are on the bill.  Who's headlining?

Sara Bareilles!

Wednesday, June 19th at the Botanical Gardens.
Tickets on sale at for $45 and VIP $100
We'll see you in June!

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04/24/2013 7:58AM
SNITG Artist Reveal #3...!
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04/29/2013 5:20AM
First time going to Starry Night
My friend and I bought VIP tickets. What's the difference between VIP and regular tickets? I've looked at pictures from last year and saw people sitting on blankets and some on chairs. Should we bring our own chairs? What's the plan ifit rains? -Dawn in West Seneca
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