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Spring cleaning of the mind

so as my duties and my on air times change, so does my attitude.  I am working a little later in the afternoon, so I am coming in a little later in the morning....This means my routine has changed, and I think I'm gonna like it!  Up at 6:30, tried to do yoga, was a little stiff, but theres always tomorrow.  Got stuff ready to make dinner tonight, showered, Starbucks, ran to the store and was at work by 9!  Now thats a productive morning!  We'll see how tomorrow goes! Hubby is just about done building our wine cellar!  Its incredible.  He did a great job and hardly complained at all!  I can't wait to drink wine in it!  Or maybe we'll start with champagne! Looking forward to the Oscars on Sunday.  Rooting for 'The King's Speech" Loved that movie! So the title of this blog was spring cleaning of the mind.  I am doing just that.  Cleaning my mind of all the bull s**t and opening it up to all the possibilities that await.  I really am looking forward to spring and all it brings!

02/23/2011 11:46AM
Spring cleaning of the mind
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