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Close her up!

Yup!  Closing up the yard this weekend-no matter what!  Week before last when it was gorgeous, I couldn't bring myself to do it...My stuff still looked great and I just didn't have the heart to pull the stuff out.  I have to do it this weekend, no matter what!  The ponds have to be closed, but I can wait a little bit on that.  Its so hard for me, because I know we have a long winter in front of us...So lets concentrate on the good part of this...1.  I won't have to mow.  2.  I won't have to weed.  3. I won't have to water.  4.  No sweating (unless working out.)  5.  Cute sweaters come out!  6.  Boots!  High heeled black boots!  Yes!  7.  Skiing.  8.  Comfort food on Sunday afternoons.  9.  Christmas.  10.  Naps when its cold.
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Cold today

It's not like I didn't know it was gonna get cold....But, somehow I was surprised whe I walked out of my house.  Oh well, change in weather means lots of changes at the house....Closing the gardens (huge job) closing the ponds....even bigger job...switching out my wardrobe and winterizing so that my heating bills aren't through the roof again....and hibernating...I really do..I work out at home, I cook dinner so we don't go out...hibernate....Heres to a beautiful Indian Summer...
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Cool weather! Time to cook!

I love to cool!  I love to cook when its cold outside and I love to cook for other people....Having friends over Sunday....we have Direct TV and the guys love the Redzone...anyhow, Sundays start-drinks-drinks then drinks...A nacho bar where you can make your own Nachos with whatever you like-always a hit!  Then for dinner...Slow roasted Ribs, and chicken, baked beans that will knock your socks off and homemade hot peppers stuffedd with crumbly blue cheese, Scimes sausange and breadcrumbs!  Holla!  Life is good!
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I don't pretend to be the biggest football fan, but I will watch a game and root for the home team.  Mostly I would rather have a party and cook for the diehards...but Sundays game against Oakland.  OMFG I almost had to take a Xanax...Panic attack wasn't the word...I hung on every play, every word and every ruling.  I might just be hooked.  I don't know if I can take a loss...I'm not ready.  I really want the team to win.  This city glows on Mondays after a win.  This city is high.  Heres to not taking off the shine, or the buzz...Go Bills!
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I love this city!

So you might have heard the song from Patrick Stump from Fallout Boy, called 'This City.'  Its basically a cheer for 'your' city.  Being a transplant...Although after all these years I consider myself a Buffalonian...I started to think  about all the things I love about 'this' city.  Here's my list... *The food (oh my) *The people (tough as nails) *Weather (doesn't bother me) *Events (always something to do) *Buffalo Wings (goes without  saying) And then you realize it would be easier to do a list of things I don't like...It would be very short..Theres not much on it.  So as Summer winds down and we kick into Fall, cool weather and football, I'm going to enjoy 'this' city!
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In a nutshell...

I think this may have been one of my best summers ever!  Aside from the year I was 16...I mean as a working full-time adult!  I worked hard, I played hard and I had a pretty good garden this year!  Still not a ton of tomatoes, though...I went to festivals and concerts....I went out with the girls!  I had some of the best dinners of my life with my hubby-at home and out and about!  I had-say had a great tan....gotta ramp that back up...I went boating!  I played in my garden and I really really had a great summer.  Its not over yet...more to do and see and I have a feeling we are gonna have a great fall!!!!  Cheers!
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*Cooking on the grill every night!  Vegetables straight out of the garden!  Cold Sauvignon Blanc!  Skirts and Dresses!  Sunshine on my face!  Boating!  All things I love about Summer...Now I start to worry that it will end soon....lets hope for a very long Indian Summer!  As a matter of fact, I don't want cold till November!!
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Festival season in Buffalo

Seems like there is one every weekend!  Last week was the 'Taste of Buffalo,' starting tonight is the Italian Festival.  I love that the city has so much going on.  I hope that never stops.  I try to go to each and do somthing to help out-not that its hard, last week, judging food...this week an emcee for the Italian Idol Sunday afternoon on the main stage.  I hope to see you at one-even if the festival thing-is not your thing :)  Okay all rain-then none?  Huge stress on my garden.  Got a couple cherry tomatos, and my first cucumber!  I was so excited.  Doesn't take much huh?  Can't wait to get peppers and this year-tomatillos!  Salsa Verde on everything!  Enjoy your summer-you will blink and it will be over-get out and play!
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Its July ALREADY??

Really?  I always feel like its the halfway mark of Summer.   Oh well, I'll try not to overthink it.  Garden is so so...all I have harvested so far are Rasberries and 2 cherry tomatoes...Things are calm and quiet right now...thats a first.  House is clean, laundry done, garden groomed.   My nails done, hair done....guess I can play now..Looking forward to my first Thursday at the Square that is at the Harbor...should be a beautiful night for that!  Then maybe a stroll over to Pearl Street?  What I'm lovin' -Silver shoes, GIANT earrings, toe rings and anything white.
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First Day of Summer!

I thought it would never get here!  Garden is struggling a little...Too many extremes, non-stop rain vs none at all....Too many places to be at once...partying vs work...if you call this work...Time for Sauvignon Blanc or a slight chill on my pinot noirand everything cooked on the grille including desert!  Tan skin from the real sun...sandals and toe rings.  Iced instead of Hot coffee and Sunday afternoons on my deck!  Summer!!
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My Blackberry addiction

So Sunday night I set my Blackberry on my dining room table.  Monday it had a white screen with a JVM102 message.  I took it to AT&T and was told it was dead.  I had to  get a new phone.  I lost everything.  Pictures.  Passwords. Contacts.   At that  point I just cried.  And anyone who knows me, knows that's not something I do often.  For two days I felt lost, naked and all out of sorts.  It was pathetic.  Long story made short...I recovered my contacts but lost everything else.  I now know that I check my e mail over 50 times a day and text about 10 times a day.  I now know to backup my phone and then back it up again.  I also know that I have a Blackberry addiction.  I also know I am not alone.
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I got to play in the dirt!  I planted my flowers and pots!  My color theme is coral/salmon ish...Veggies are in, heirloom tomatoes like Black Krim and Longkeeper...Cayenne, Jalapeno, Hungarian and Thai peppers...albino, golden and Italian sugar beets, as well as Tomatillos, yellow and zucchini squash!  Mulch is laid and all herbs planted!  I'm flippin crippled today-but my garden is on its way.  Now its my basic upkeep and enjoying the fruits of my labor.  The long weekend wasn't all work...We made lobsters Friday night-yes I can finally kill one without having to take a Xanax...Saturday was Strawberry Daquiris and Steaks...Sunday an afternoon cook out with wine, and Monday afternoon I made Chiavettas chicken and enjoyed an ice cold Landshark...livin' large...HOpe you enjoyed your long weekend!  Bring on Summer!
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Umbrella ella ella eh eh

I am dying to play in my garden.  Mother Nature however has other plans for me....I have a to do list thats a mile long for OUTSIDE...inside...done...So no garden updates for now...sorry. What I'm listening to...Adele What I'm drinking...Paradigm What I'm eating...pickled champagne vinegar homegrown golden beets over mesclun greens What I'm watching...Borgias-hot-hot-naughty! What I'm thinking....hmmmm I'll never tell....
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diggin' in the dirt...

I am soooo happy!  I got to play in the dirt all day Saturday!!!  Both ponds cleaned and opened for the season,, Only one casualty.  One Goldfish dead- sad, not sure why, but happy that all my Koi made it through!  No planting yet, but my perennial herbs are up and I actually used fresh sage in my smoker to flavor my Shrimp.  Is was awesome!  A hot shower, a glass on pinot and may day was complete...
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I've been neglecting you...

oops...busy...but busy in a good way...traveled to the amazing Napa Valley for the Live in The Vineyard music showcase.  Saw some amazing performances, drank some of the finest wine ever made and ate at restaurants where the chef is on your TV at night.  Life is good.  Spring has arrived (I swear) and I will be opeing the ponds and digging in the dirt in no time.  Artists I love right now....Christina Perri, Adele and Porcelin Black Enjoy!
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Makes me smile... just thought I would make sure to reminded myself....have you? What makes you smile?
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I'm ready for spring

Today is the first official day of Spring...doesn't look like it...but I started thinking about all the things I love about we go. bulbs peeping out of the soil, the smell of the air, the planning of my garden, and I can open my windows atthe house! Weekend was great!  Did chores, got to hang with hubby and we gave away a trip to Napa Sunday Night to Live in They Vineyard!  Woo hoo!!
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Clocks go forward Spring flower bulbs come up!

So I have a wall of clocks in my house.  Yes 13 on one wall.  No it wasn't my idea.  It was my husbands.  I, however  got stuck changing them all today.  He went to the home show....Anyhow I went outside today and noticed that my Crocus are poking through,  Daffodils starting to show, and something living under my preformed pond....I am declaring war on whatever it is.  We will see who wins.  My mood is great because my seedlings I planted have sprouted and with the outside stuff, I know Spring is around the corner....
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I shoveled my way to the grill Sunday night

I was dying for a grilled Sahlens..I shoveled through 2 feet of snow drifts that had been piling up all winter and fired up the grill!  It was awesome!  I miss not grilling, house doesn't fill with cooking odors,  reminds me of summer and it just tastes good....Tonight is gyros with homemade Taziki sauce...Gaga on Friday and the weekend is just around the corner.
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Spring cleaning of the mind

so as my duties and my on air times change, so does my attitude.  I am working a little later in the afternoon, so I am coming in a little later in the morning....This means my routine has changed, and I think I'm gonna like it!  Up at 6:30, tried to do yoga, was a little stiff, but theres always tomorrow.  Got stuff ready to make dinner tonight, showered, Starbucks, ran to the store and was at work by 9!  Now thats a productive morning!  We'll see how tomorrow goes! Hubby is just about done building our wine cellar!  Its incredible.  He did a great job and hardly complained at all!  I can't wait to drink wine in it!  Or maybe we'll start with champagne! Looking forward to the Oscars on Sunday.  Rooting for 'The King's Speech" Loved that movie! So the title of this blog was spring cleaning of the mind.  I am doing just that.  Cleaning my mind of all the bull s**t and opening it up to all the possibilities that await.  I really am looking forward to spring and all it brings!
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Winter blahs?

So I was fortunate to visit my friend in Fort Lauderdale last week.  5 days of sunshine, time to go for a run every morning along the ocean, side trip to Miami and great conversation and even better wine!  Had an 06 Leap OMG.  OMG .  There is no going back from there....Speaking of wine.  hubby is a cellar dweller as in still building my wine cellar....his idea not mine.  the thought of storing wine doesn't do a thing for me.....drinking it...yes....So my birthday is Tuesday and we are gonna open an 05 Opus.....Happy Birthday to me!  Yum! Super Bowl Sunday and the Buffalo Auto Show next week.  Before we know it spring will be here!
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Shoveling snow is a workout!

Ok, I officially have a lot of muscles on my body that I was unaware existed until Ishoveled my driveway.  Don't get me wrong.  I don't have to shovel.  My husband will snowblow or use our ATV with the plow...but, I thought, well I can't get out and play in the garden, I'll shovel the driveway....I did and now....ouch...But, I plan to do it again tonight to burn off some calories and clear my head.  By spring you should be able to bounce a quarter off my behind!    So, now I'm getting ll my seed catalogs in the mail and trying to decide which to buy.  This year I want to grow something new...I will do the heirloom tomatoes-maybe a new variety, however I have a new guilty pleasure...beets-I know some people think yuck, but I canned golden beets in champagne vinegar in fall and its incredible.  I also did Detroit dark Reds in balsamic and butter beets in white balsamic.  I bought the beets at the Elmwood farmers market...this year I want to grow my own.  I'll keep you posted on my progress....
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Lets get organized!

Christmas-done.  New Years done.  Yearly January Bubonic plague done.  Today I take on the world.  House is clean.  Driveway shoveled.  For now. More snow on the way tomorrow.  Good exercise at least.  Need to start tanning.  Look like a pasty vampire.  Clean my basement, after my husband is done destroying it with his latest project!  Most of my family healthy.  Most are happy.  I am a very lucky person and looking forward to 2011!!  Bring it!
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Craziness is over...

So I spent the holidays in Ohio with my family....awesome to see them.. Hecktic as hell to get there.  I do all the cooking, so I dragged my own food, ingredients an pans with me....I know I know..But I need them to do it right.  So I cooked my brians out and it seemed like everyone enjoyed it....packed the car to get there with all my food stuff, presents and me and hubbys clothes....then Christmas day we loaded the car back home, unpacked it and repacked it to go to his brothers!had dinner exchanged presents, loaded the car back up, went home and unpacked the car...Neighbors Frank and Tonya invited us over.  I went to their house crawled on the coacha dn I was done.  I have to admit that not much slows me down..this holiday kicked my butt.  Now I'm sick with a sore throat and can't wait to get my tree in the attic and my life back.  Hope that doesn't make me a grinch....I'm just ready for my normal boring life!  just had some Hot chocolate (diet of course) and  am going home to make some spicy Thai soup, take some medicine and get in bed.  Amen...All my whining aside....I am truly blessed and have very little to be unhappy about...I guess thats why I can complain about the little things.  My wish or the new year is a cure for Prkinson's Disease for my brother, and good health to you and yours...Happy New Year my friends!
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wrap, sort, organize and enjoy?

I have four different to do lists in my purse.  I have a list of stuff to take to my moms when I travel for the holidays.  I have a list of stuff to buy and for whom.  I have a to do list for my houshold stuff.  And a grocery list....I think I am a little OCD.  For some reason I feel better if I have lists.  My husband just shakes his head.
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Ummm...hasn't snowed I'm getting nervous!

I feel like we are gonna get hit and hit hard with snow, since there is zero possibility of that lake freezing anytime soon...Yesterday it was 50 degrees.  Today up to 60 and a couple inches of rain?  Really?? I am almost done Christmas shopping.  I did not go crazy for anyone, except my mom.  I tried to do small thoughtful or practical things for people.  I cut my list down by half.  I need to start wrapping, sorting and sending out my Christmas cards!  So far I am chugging right along!   Then I can just enjoy the holidays for once.  Last year I tried baking cookies every day-this year-uhhh NO.  Too much work!
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These are a few of my favorite things...

Home cooked food with love. A good bottle of wine or two. Flowers.  My mom. Heres wishing you a happy Thanksgiving!
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Off my desk and onto yours

Do you have a person at your office that pretty much takes any thing that crosses their desk moves it to yours?  And they actually work harder at passing the buck than if they just did the work. Do you have a person at your office that bogarts anything and everything free? Do you have a person at your office who can't look you in the eye?  Wonder what they are up to huh? Do you have a person who avoids confrontation? Do you have a person that everyone loves at your office that you secretly hate? Lastly, do you have an unsung hero who works their butt off, puts in lots of hours and always has a smile on their face?  We do-thank god.
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Why does everything fall on the same day?

Did you notice that?  Everything you want to to ends up being on the same night!  I had a friends wedding the night of Ryan Star at the Hard Rock.  I worked at a bar the night of the Ed Kowalczyk show at the square and tonight is both Corks and Forks which I usuall host to benefit the Heritage Centers, and Pinktober starring Five For Fighting!  Ugh! So last night I went to see Cirque Du Soleil's Dralion!  I loved it!  I've seen other cirque shows...some bad, some great, this is worth it!  Lots of eye candy, bending in impossible ways and singing that gave me the chills!  Go see it! This weekend, hoping to get a visit from my mom and brother and happy 19th birthday to my son Mikey.....seems like you were just...oh nevermind
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There is no place better than Fall in WNY

I love looking out my window and seeing the different colored leaves, blue sky peaking through and the sunshine that bathes it all.  I love warm sweaters and cute boots.  I love the crisp air and the smell of Fall that reminds me of being a child.  I love the anticipation of a snowstorm and a nice warm meal in the oven.  I love the hot radiators in my 1926 house.  I love my cats that run to lay on them.  I love Chrysanthymums and pumpkins on the front porch and I love WNY in Fall.
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A weekend of plans for me!

Friday night is Mary Poppins with the hubby!  Don't know how I roped him into that!  I hear its really good.  If its not we can sneak out!  Saturday morning takes us the the Elmwood/Bidwell farmers market!  Been going every week.  I'm looking for some different color beets and maybe some squash.  Definately Brussel Sprouts!  Saturday afternoon-clean the house so my husband and I can stop sneezing from our cats.  Its getting worse.  But I actually like to clean my house!  Go figure.  Saturday night chill at home, drink some wine and watch the telly. Sunday mornings we usually go to our favorite new restaurant.  Bertha's on Hertel  Its a diner where they make home made food and are only open 7am to 2pm....Best corned beef hash and eggs benedict I've ever had.  Then we will chill for a few and I'll start using plastic to cover the windows in my attic....I feel like it works so....anything to save money wih those crazy heating bills. Halloween decorations are up and we are on our way!
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Electric blanket? Really?

Yes, I did it...I put the electric blanket on the bed...I felt like it was way early, but, god it was nice and warm in my bed last night....Leaves are starting to change.  I am starting to switch my closet over and sorting through what I kee; and what I toss.  I actually have a lot to go to the Goodwill.  More tonight. So I closed part of my yard on Saturday...I guess I'll do a little more each day, until I get it completely closed...kind of a process.  Makes me sad...Next up is to winterize the house.  I fell like we are gonna get hammered with weather this year so anything I can do to stay warm and save money...I'm in.
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marry me again
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marry me

Marry Me I just cried...
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Memories of summer

I feel like I should do a highlight tape to match, but that might be a bad idea to have it on video...Thursdays at the Square were off the hook this year.  Rained once and I went anyway and got more ways than one...Starry Night in theGarden...truly magical.  An amazing night of talent!  Friday happy hours at Rane.  I've made more friends this year than ever in my life.  Taste of Buffalo.  I was a judge this year and think it was my best performance ever!  Eating food was tough work!  Allentown Art fest with my statue of David plant pot.  Taste of Buffalo, with the single best hot peppers from Molinaro's, they are wrapped in pizza dough after they stuff them with cheese and sausage, then deep fry them.  That would be my last meal if I had to have one.  Then there was the Harborfront concerts, the cruise on the Miss Buffalo...The Italian Fest and this week the Erie county Fair.  Not too mention the weddings and all the parties....I noticed on my Facebook page that there are very few pictures in my profile without wine in my hand.  Thats not a bad thing is it?
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OMG where has my summer gone?

I'm freaking out that its gonna be August this weekend!  I need more time.  I need more tan.  I need more....summer.  I know I should just enjoy it and not over think it.  But, thats what I do.  I did get to Niagara On The Lake over the weekend.  Hung at Hillebrand and Peller estate.  My lunch was off the hook even if I had to sell an ovary to pay for it.  I still have a lot I need to do.  I need to go to the beach.  I need to go to the fair.  I need to not work and just enjoy the weather.  Maybe thats just what I will do.  Although I'm not looking forward to my electric bill.  Still trying to lose the 10 pounds I gained when I quit smoking 5 months and 8 days ago.  Sucks. Garden is doing well.  No big tomatos yet, but lots of cherry tomatos,  hot peppers, beans and a few zucchini....Basil looks great.  Cilantro, not so much....
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Mike and Ikes candy!

Okay Mike and Ike placed an advertising schedule on Star 102.5.   They then sent cases of the candy.  I am out of control!  I cannot stop eating them.  Between me quitting smoking and PMS I will weigh 300 pounds.  So the garden is great!  I got cucumbers, beans, some cherry tomatoes, hot peppers and zucchini's already.  I've also had rasberries and blueberries.  Soo will be Blackberries and hopefully big tomatoes.  Those aren't looking so great!  Family in town visiting this weekend!  Can't wait to show them Buffalo in Summer.  The last time they were here was becasue they were stranded the year we got 79 inches of snow in one day.  They should be pleasantly surprised.
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Festivals and Fun

Wow, still trying to catch up from  my vacation last week.  Did the whole 'Staycation' thing.  I've never done it before and it was awesome!  Just me and the hubby.  I was a food judge at the Taste of Buffalo Saturday.  OMG I loved it!  I had food from 7 different restaurants and then waddled home.   Great food!  Great fun! Now, I have to go mentally prepare myself to go to the dentist.  I have to get a filling.  When they told me, I ran out of the office and it took me two months to reschedule.  Pathetic.
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Busy-still won't keep me out of trouble

Jk jk....Tomorrow is Starry Night in the Garden!  I love this event...Finding a cute dress....doing my hair!  Everyone looks so nice and summery and has such a great time!  Thursday night from 8-10pm I am your host at Sunset Bay for the Wang Chung concert!  That should be a blast!  Friday night is Rane party bar and this weekend is the summer festival of the arts in Ellicottville...then its back north for Vinnie and Mary's annual July 4th blow out!  Somewhere in between all that I have to go to the dentist, do my normal job, pack for Ellicottville and make a dish for the July 4th party.  thank god for Xanax right?  jk jk... I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones.  I am on vaca the following week.  me and the hubby gonna chill at home!
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I felt the earth move!

I actually felt the earthquake!  It was cool.  It was my first!  Is your basement as damp as mine?  I have a dehumidifier and two fans going...not wet just damp-yuck! My garden is awesome so far.  I had fresh green beans for dinner from my garden last night! A busy week next week, then its off to Ellicottville and a week off with the hubby! Thursday at the square tonight!  See you at the wine tent!
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Fathers Day!

So Father's day is this Sunday.  Tough time for me, as I lost my father to Lymphoma.  God I miss him.  But, I will celebrate through my husband and stepson.  I bought my husband a new outfit and some summertime tank tops.  Hopefully we can fire up the grill and spend some time together.  Ceelebrate with the ones you love while you can.  So my garden is off the hook!  lookin awesome!  actually had some rasberries right off the bush yesterday!  yum!  Thursday at the Square with Ingrid Michaelson was fun and packed!  Next week Martin Sexton.  Tonight is Rane party bar with me....we'll be partying on the patio!  Have a great summer weekend!
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True Blood fever!

Fianlly after what seems like forever...True Blood season premiere was last night.  Two words.  Eric Naked.  I can now die.
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Something going on every night

So Friday night I worked at Rane Party Bar and I struck up a conversation with the DJ Brian about how there is something to do every single day in the summer in Buffalo!  In winter I'm bored to death- in summer I can't keep up.  First there are the concerts at Darien Lake  everything from the Goos to KISS!  Now there is a concert series at the Hard Rock, can't wait to see Ryan Star with Tonic.  Then there is the Thursday at the Square concerts and the Buffalo Rocks the Harbor series.  Not to mention, the Allentown Art Fest, Taste of Buffalo, Italian Fest, Erie County Fair, Summer Festival of the Arts and the Helenic Festival.  Then there are the one-offs like Starry Night in the Garden, Wine and Wags, Mash Bash, Wines in the Wild, and the Garden Walk.  Not to mention personal stuff like weddings, parties my friends are having and  taking care of my lawn....Crazy.  And I wouldn't have it any other way!  I love it!
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DO U Limbo?

Saw this incredible band    they were awesome and  one of the performers did a limbo perfomrance that left al of us with our mouths hanging open....The girls name is Shemika and she is 17 and going  for the world record.  She's great! Had a wonderful Memorial holiday with my friends!  I even got a lot of chores done too!  More to go, but then again there always are more chores to do....
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Long holiday weekend

I can hardly stand the wait!  I want to relax, party with my friends, clean my car, finish laying my mulch in my yard....I just want to get it started....Can't believe its only Thursday.  Ugh!  So I have about 3 parties to go to.  Here is my go to recipe.  Everyone asks for the recipe after they eat it!

Cool Cucumber Pasta Salad

  • 8 ounces uncooked penne pasta
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 2 medium cucumbers, thinly sliced
  • 1 medium onion, thinly sliced
  • 1-1/2 cups Domino® or C&H® Granulated Pure Cane Sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • 3/4 cup white vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon prepared mustard
  • 1 tablespoon dried parsley flakes
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic salt
  • Directions:

    Cook pasta according to package directions; drain and rinse in cold water. Place pasta in a large bowl; stir in the oil, cucumbers and onion.     In a jar with a tight-fitting lid, combine the remaining ingredients; shake well. Pour over salad; toss to coat. Cover and chill for 4 hours, stirring occasionally. Serve with a slotted spoon. Refrigerate leftovers. Yield: 8-10 servings
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    Nice weather

    Soooo excited to get out and play in the dirt...gonna mow tonight....Then if it rains Saturday, do my inside chores...then Sunday woo hoo!  Plant in the ground.  My color theme for my gardens this year is purples...lovin it! Tried to think yesterday of what my favorite flower is....I am stumped.  I love the smell of lilacs and hyacinths...the stunning beauty of Oriental Poppies...Then there are all the annuals!  I can't do it.  That would be like picking just one wine...not gonna happen! Excited to hear next Thursday-who is coming to Thursdays at the Square!  Summertime in Western New York!
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    Everything is greening up!  I love spring!  I love Azaleas, tulips, hyacinths, forsythia!  Time to get outside and play in the dirt!  Still jogging and doing Pilates.  Haven't lost a single pound.  but I still haven't smoked either~  woo hoo! Went to see my mama in Ohio over the weekend....Had an awesome time and really enjoyed my family's company!    Cleaned out her pond and helped her get rid of a few clothes.....that was not easy! Back to work and back to my normal routine.  Amen
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    Happy Monday!

    Here we go!  Monday again!  Had an awesome weekend of playing in the dirt and acutally getting my house cleaned.  Attended a benefit for Austin Bonafede on Saturday night that hopefully raised a lot of money for he and his family!  Had an awsome dinner at the Chophouse last night and  then slept like a baby! This week brings me back to my workouts, tan then off for a run tonight!  I have been runnning for about a month now,  Its getting easier the more I do it.  I just thought I would lose weight and I haven't.   Of course I did quit smoking so that adds to it!  Day 73 today.
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    Monday woo hoo!

    Opened both my ponds this weekend!  Its about a 6 hour process so I am quite pleased with myself.  Treated my lawn with fertilizer so the rain could water it in and started to put my landscape lights back in.  Blew my transformer so, a little slow in actually getting them installed.   It feels so good to play outside in the garden again.  Better than Xanax.  So I have been slowly going through my house and getting rid of stuff.  I have so many old towels its crazy.   I'm going to sort and wash and toss.   Feels good to organize.  Makes you feel like you have some control over the chaos of life!  Going to a tasting dinner tonight at O'Connells restaurant in Kenmore.  Chef from Rue Franklin vs chef from O'Connells.  I win either way!
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    Live in the Vineyard

    A little late, but I'm stilll recovering......Left a little early and headed to San Francisco, before heading up to Napa.  It was some great shopping and some great runs along the Pier at Fishermans Wharf.  San Francisco is one cool city!  Had an off the hook dinner at La Mar with my radio friend Marcus.  I was literally food drunk!  Thanks Marcus! Then it was off to Napa.  Friday night took us to a party at a house where the owner used to own AOL.  Yes that AOL.  Amazing house with an attention to detail that is over the top!  Great intimate performance in their living room with Ryan Starr.  If you don't know who he is yet, you will.  That boy can sing!!!!! Saturday morning brought us to Regusci Winery in the Stags Leap district.  Great tour, hosts and wine.  Plus another intimate performance by Ryan Starr with help from the Backstreet Boys!  Then it was off to the Silverado hotel to catch a quick bite and then more performances by VV Brown, Serena Ryder, Backstreet Boys.  The next night brought performances by Train, Macy Gray and lots o wine! Sunday we hit up Silver Oak and Miner Winery.  OMG  Incredible.  What I remember of it.....Napa, what happens in Napa stays in Napa, because you drink so much wine you can't remember what  you did while you were there....
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    I'm lovin' it!

    Its absolutely beautiful today....Yesterday was too.  As I walked my local garden center, I was so excited to get out in the yard, that I was contemplating not going back to work!  I did, but, reluctlantly.  I did go home and rake and clean up the yard a bit.  I' will do more Saturday.  Can't open the ponds yet, because I have to turn off my water softener or it will kill them!  Anyhow, enjoy the holiday!  Happy Easter!
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    Ready for Spring

    Day 36 no smoking.  I don't want a cigarette, however, I would like to axe murder someone....anyone...jk jk.  a little edgy, but, getting better.  I have been running to keeep my metabolism going and so that I don't gain weight.  I went to Sneaker Advantage and Mark and the crew fitted me with an amazing pair of running shoes.  They watch you walk and check your arches....very cool.  Ready for some spring cleaning inside and out!  How bout you?
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    Has Spring sprung?

    Went to Fort Lauderdale last week to visit a friend.  I now realize that there are the have's/have-nots and then me- I have frinds who have....Felt great to have the sun on my face.  Finally killed off the bubonic plague of an upper respiratory infection I couldn't kick.  But, the good thing out of it was I was so sick I quit smoking!  Day 24 today.  Yesterday was tough for some reason.  I was sooooo hungry I could have chewed my arm off.  I went to the vitamin store and bought some low fat protein bars and some shake mixes.  I don't wanna gain weight.  Been working out like a madman and haven't lost a pound.  Its nice out today so I will run outside.   I like to run in North Buffalo along Middlesex, Meadow and Nottingham....Very nice houses!!!
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    Day 19 of no cigarettes!

    So far so good.  I've been exercising since January 1, so that's well under way.  Although I went jogging the last two days...the last time I ran the police were chasing me, so without that kind of motivation it was tough.  I'm getting better and healthier.  And no, I didn't give up my wine!
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    Day 10 no smokey!!!!

    Day 10 of no cigarettes.  Not so bad so far.  Although I did eat a whole box of Mike and Ikes last night.  God those things are good.  Day 10 of antibiotics for this frickin bubonic plague I have.  Doc gave me 10 more and a steroid pack.  I just want to feel good again.  I have a long weekend planned so maybe by Tuesday I'll feel alive again.  So her I go with the top 10 reasons I enjoy not smoking: 10.  I don't have to spend $8.00 a pack 9.  I don't have to hear people bitchin' at me to quit 8.  I don't have to clean dirty ashtrays 7.  My clothes don't stink 6.  My hair doesn't stink 5.  My teeth won't be yellow 4.  I don't have to worry about when I'm gonna be able to smoke while I travel 3.  Don't spend my life looking for a light 2.  Don't have to stand out in the cold. 1.  I can actually breathe again. PS.  My mother made me. :)
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    Sick as a dog.....

    You know its coming....that tightness in your chest....unable to clear your throat, lump in the back of your throat....Yeah baby, the FULL on Winter cold....Started last Thursday.  By Friday I was taking vitamin C and drinking lots of water.  By Saturday, bed.  Sunday.  Just about dead.  Monday-to the doctors where I proceeded to cough up hairballs, lungs, my ribs....Diagnosis.  Upper Respiratory Infection and Bronchitis.  I was down for the count.  I missed work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Today I am here, for how long i don't know.  My stomache and back muscles are sore from coughing....ugh.  Hate being sick.   The good news is I haven't had a cigarette since Saturday.  And, I do't planning on having another ever again.  Wine is a different story altogether.  Been watching the Olympics?  Crazy how you can watch it live on Canadian TV and then on US TV its packaged, promoted and aired during primetime????  Snowstorm on the way....Buffalonians say 'Bring It!'  they aren't scared.
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    Sitting in yet another meeting.....multi tasking...Some of these meetings we have at our workplace are know, where they read everything on an overhead projector, like you're an idiot....You probably have the same thing happen at your workplace.  I feel ya! Too much fun at Social Nightclub Saturday night with Uncle Kracker!  He walks in, bellies up to the bar and orders a beer.  Love it!  No entourage, no security detail...just hanging out and meeting listeners.  He took the stage at 9pm sharp and killed it for 30 minutes.  He did the Rehab song and Kid Rock's "All Summer Long"  everyone in the club was singing along.  Loved it.  We then all headed over to Pure Nightclub....then it got  ugly.  I ended up at Jim's Steakout and chowed a loaded hoagie.  God those are good. Still doing Pilates.  Haven't lost weight, but can see that I am building muscle and becoming more toned.  Its hard to do Pilates.  It doesn't look like it, but, trust me it is.  I've been sore everyday.  It never gets easier if you do it right.  But, its a great stress buster!  We could all use that huh? Ordered my seeds, hoping they come this week, so I can start growing them in my basement.  I know, I'm a geek
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    I saw  a website article today-think it was Forbes...Top cities for bad weather....nowhere in the top 10 was Buffalo...number one was Cleveland??  go figure.  So it started me thinking.  In January everyone wants you to give a top 10 list.  Boring.  It should happen more organically.  Like now.  Buffalo gets a bad rap on weather when half the time its ski country thats getting pounded.  Lets talk about the great things about Buffalo.  Come with me.... 10.  You are in New York, but 5 minutes from Canada.  Too fun to hop the border and enjoy a whole different culture and lifestyle on a whim.  Whether its Niagara On The Lake, the incredible wineries or further north to T.O.  Luv it! 9.  Friendly- I am from the midwest originally and thought no one was nicer.  Then I came to Buffalo.  Wow.  I have never been so rewarded with my career, finding my husband and son, and the best friends you could ever ask for.. 8.  Architecture.  From Frank Lloyd Wright to the Frederick Law Olmstead Parks, to the amazing mansions on Delaware avenue...beautiful,  take a stroll through Forest Lawn Cemeteay and see true art in the craftmanship and love in the buildings and monuments. 7.  Medical care-no not health insurance, that blows.  I'm talking about, Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo, the neurosurgeons who are the best in the country at UBNS, the Kalieda hospitals...incredible and amazing that you can have world class health care, right here in Buffalo, NY 6.  The diversity of cultures...Black, Italian, Polish, Irish, Somalian, Puerto Rican.  What an education on how someone else has lived.  I would not be the person I am today if I had not found the Colored Musicians Club, Pastelillos, Pierogies, or the Saint Patty's Day parade.  5.  The theater district. The museums and culturals.   Rivals any top 10 city when it comes to the arts and the culturals.  The Botanical Gardens, The Albright Knox Art Gallery, and Shea's.  4.  Party people.  They love to have a good time.  They have no problem throwing back a few Blues and tearing it up.  There's a lot of bars, pubs and watering holes.  My kind of place. 3.  The festivals in the summer.  This city fits 12 months of festivals in 4 months.  The Italian Fest, The Peach Fest, The Art Fest, The Taste of Buffalo, The Wing Fest, Thursdays at the Square and the Canal Fest...Good god, there is nothing we don't celebrate.  2.  The weather.  I know, I know...but we have an incredible spring, Hot summers, beautiful fall with the foilage and snow to ski, snowboard and tube.  Its called four seasons and not everyone gets them. 1.  The food.  I have eaten in almost every major city in America, I have been to France, England, Mexico.  I entertain people  from New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago and most of their favorite restaurants in the country are right here in Buffalo, New York.
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    Food hangover

    Curled up on my chaise-flippin' freezing...catching up on some work.  Looking forward to the Grammy's tonight.  Can't wait to see Mary J. Blige and Andrea Boccelli  perform 'Bridge Over Troubled Waters.'  Year of women as far as nominations go.  Beyonce leads the pack with 10.  Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga should walk out with an award or two.  Not crazy about Beyonce-kinda overexposed if you ask me.  I love Lady Gaga!  Last night me, my husband and a neighborhood couple went to Salvatore's new steak house.  WOW!  We went early to have some drinks in the lounge,  exellent 'wines by the glass'  beautiful decor...The whole foyer, lounge and restaurant is breathtaking...The food was out of this world.  Tuna Carpaccio and Artichokes to start, then a salad with a pistaschio crusted goat cheese wedge...followed by lobster macaroni and goat cheest encrusted filet mignon.  Everything was incredible.  A little pricey, but very good. I guess if I ranked my favorite restaurants it would go something like this:  Hutch's, San Marco, Chop House, Tempo, Salvatores, Bacchus.  God I'm making myself hungry.
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    Weekend to workweek

    First time using our new software to post my blog.  Lets see how this goes...Weekend was awesome!  Friday I hosted the Star 102.5 Happy Hour at Rane party bar in West Seneca.  It went great.  Joe, David and the whole crew were awesome!  We had drinks, some fun contests qand they laid out a spread of food, that shot down any chance of dinner...Can't wait for this Friday!  Join me won't you? Hubby and Idid end up going out for a little food.  Drinks and a cheese flight at the Wine Thief on Elmwood Ave.  Perfect...the next night was dinner with friends at Trattoria Aroma!  I'm exhausted.  Day 25 of Pilates.  starting to feel a little firmer and feel a lot stronger.  No weight loss though....But with all these dinners out.... Looking forward to the work week, even if its five days long this time..
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    Pilates Drama

    Started doing Pilates. My entire body hurts! I can't breathe. I didn't know lungs were muscles. They must be, right? I do it to a tape at home, I cuss at the girl on the TV, I mean really: who can put their foot next to their ear?

    If I get to that point I will let you know!

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    Top 10 Things Sue Loves

    Okay, so I gave you my list of things that annoy me, here are my top 10 things that I love... 10. Truth - like it or not 9. Manners - thank you 8. Respect - if earned 7. Puppies 6. Kittens 5. Nature/flowers/animals 4. My job! Yup! 3. Starbucks!! 2. My health 1. My family!
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    Year End Top 10 List Of Things That Annoy Sue

    So here we are with another year drawing to a close...I'm completely down with my Christmas shopping and 90% done wrapping! Woo Hoo! Radiothon this week as the SPCA and I am home free! So the end of the year brings lists...might as well add mine to the list---tee hee My list is the top things that annoy me. 10. People who don't own up to when they make a mistake - yuck! 9. People who blame others for why they are the way they are, parents, boss, the like... 8. Constant talking on cell phones everywhere - do you really have that many friends? 7. Wind...yes, hate it blowing on me...cold/hot doesn't matter 6. Cool Whip - Has no flavor, and I just don't know why it exists when you could have the real stuff 5. People who let their dog poop on my grass and don't pick it up - just let me catch you! 4. Talking on the phone. I really don't like it. 3. Long phone messages. Really? I don't call those people and if they are on my phone I delete them 2. People who don't say please and thank you - it goes a long way with me 1. People who over-talk. They say something and then keep saying it, or take too long to say it. Spit it out...Once!
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    December 1

    Had some time off for the holiday! I organized and planned my menu for Thanksgiving and the tables...Fed 14 successfully! Glad its over though! Still eating Turkey...Turkey salad today and the last of my cherry tomatos from my garden. Do you believe it? December 1st and our first snow! Finally found my snow brush last night...My wonderful hubby cleaned off my car for me anyway..... So I am about 75% done with my Christmas shopping...Spent more than I wanted to, but, then I always do. I feel good about the stuff I bought though. A couple of people have me stumped....I went out on Black Friday and shopped with my mom. We got the best deals at Bed Bath and Beyond and JC Pennney...I Cyber shoppped Monday and did ok. Not great.
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    Getting a Cold 11-20

    Think I'm getting a cold. Crap. If I can just knock it out of me by the much to do...decorate for Christmas, plan the annual Thanksgiving meal for 14 or so....I love doing it, I just don't have time to be sick...ugh! I love the Chrismas music! For those who don't...well .... Running a scan now on my laptop...I think its getting a cold too... Random thoughts today huh? Can't wait to get to Target and buy the new Andrea Boccelli Christmas album! He is amazing.... Spent the weekend cleaning and organizing so this weekend I can put up my tree and get out my Spode Christmas dishes...I have a lot of them, and use them every Thanksgiving for dinner...One of the few things I collect, besides money....
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    Back From Vacation 11-16

    Re-entry from vacation....Its back to work...Let's see, where to start.  I went to San Francisco on Friday!  Hubby and I stayed right at Fisherman's Wharf!  We had a great dinner overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and strolled up the street to catch a trolly car!  What a cool amazing, hilly city!  I about had a heart attack driving up and down those streets... saturday morning brought us across the Golden Gate Bridge and a beautiful scenic ride to Napa Valley!  We started the day at Trefethen Winery.  The Trefethens themselves gave us a tour and we dined outside to the music of David Gray....Then it was to the Silverado Resort to see Uncle Kracker, Green River Ordinance and Kimberly Caldwell as part of our 'Live in The Vineyard' event!  sunday morning brought a trip to Miner winery with a cave tour and private performance from John Ondrasik of Five For Fighting...Then a tour of the caves and off to our next adventure!  Cliff Lede winery...A true Rock and roll fan, his vineyards are named after songs from the 70's!  We had a performance by some new up and coming artists and it was back to the Silverado or a concert with Kris Allen, Collective Soul and A Fine Frenzy.  Amazing!  Monday brought a day with no activities and amy husband and I spent the day touring wineries on our won.  Opus, Mondavi, Stag's Leap, Clos Cu Val, David Cole, Reguisis...pure heaven and truly magical!  Happy 11th anniversary to the love of my life!
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